tufted: pixel rug

if i had a stack of extra money around i would be plopping myself and a few d*s editors on a plane to milan for next month’s furniture fair. while the main show isn’t always my taste (it runs a little fancy pants for me sometimes), the zona tortona is always my cup of tea. full of young, up-and-coming designs, the tortona is like an explosion of fresh, raw ideas. one of the design studios showing there this year is called tufted and i love their new pixel rug. based in portugal, tufted is still updating their website with new work, but filipe sent over some images of their latest piece, the pixel rug. i love all of the color and the rainbow effect it brings to the floor- in a time when the weather is dark and dreary, it’s the perfect antidote to the rainy day blues. to find out more about pixel, you can visit them at the zona tortona starting april 14th, or check out their website right here. thanks, filipe!



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Omg gor-geous! I would buy this rug instead of a couch and lay on the floor!



do you know anything about the pricing of the pixel rug? it’s absolutely wonderful.



Oh good lord I love that rug. Just a big empty room with just that rug. Thank you very much.


i adore this rug! definitely let us know when you find out a price on this or any more info about ordering from this company!


So beautiful!! I would LOVE to get my hands (or my feet, I suppose) on one of those.


I love love love this rug! I can’t find out where to buy it! Can you send me a link?


I love this rug! Although I’m having trouble finding out where to buy it! Can you send me a link please?


I want to buy this rug!!! Pls tell me where can I buy it!