thomas paul spring 2010

good morning! it’s grey and cold in brooklyn this morning (i think i got spoiled by that sunny 70 degree saturday, argh) so i thought i’d kick off the day with some colorful new pieces from thomas paul. thomas’ spring 2010 collection is full of colorful pillows, table linens, and my favorite- a series of shawls with bold graphic prints on them. ac and i just booked a little anniversary get away to miami so i’m already on the lookout for coverups and that octopus print would be so cute- especially when my pale skin starts to demand relief from the florida sun. the full collection is going out to stores now so stay tuned for these new pieces in shops near you soon. in the meantime, you can check out thomas’ current collection online and contact them for information on the new line right here.


Grace, where are you finding the shawls? Are they the pieces listed simply as “fabric”?



they’re brand new (we got a little advance peek from thomas) so they’re not online yet. they’ll be in stores soon and you can email them on the website to ask about individual purchase or finding a stockist near you :)



I’m such a huge fan of Thomas Paul’s work, and these new wraps are great! What a perfect application of his graphic prints.


It’s interesting that a lot of designers are using zoologist and illustrator Ernst Haeckel’s imagery in their prints these days. The octopus, manta ray, puffer fish are his work.

If you like that imagery, you should check out the original prints from the 19th century. He left an amazing body of work of natural history.

I bought this book for reference, and I think I might buy a second so I can frame some of the prints.


P.S. all the Haeckel imagery is in the public domain, that’s why (besides being amazingly gorgeous) you can see the same octopus, etc. on different products from different companies.


I love love love that goldfish wrap! It looks so much classier than the traditional beach wrap!

The print and fabric remind me a lot of Japanese textiles. I have a piece of cloth meant to be used as a head wrap that has a goldfish pattern like that.

emily @ thirtyeight20

I’m headed to Miami with my hubby next month and have been looking for fun accessories too. I hope those wraps make it into stores before our trip so I can check them out! Either way, these are getting me even more excited to go.


I love these. We have them, the wraps where I work. Such a great price, and a real impact. We had one customer who was turning them into window coverings.