the heads of state: travel posters

since i’ve got travel on the brain this morning, i had to share these beautiful new travel posters from the heads of state. based in philly, the heads of state designed a brand new series of limited edition 14×24 screenprints dedicated to eight american cities. while i’m loyal to my home town, i’ll have to say that miami, chicago and san francisco are my favorite designs in the bunch. each three to six-color serigraph is selling for $30 and is available as part of a run of 100 limited-edition prints. click here to check out all of the cities and pick up your favorite. thanks, dustin!


These are used in the magazine Real Simple for this month in the “21 Top Time-Saving Cities in America” article! So glad to see them on the site!


these are great! thanks for the post, i think i might get m’self a san francisco.

Crystal @ Plush Palate

These are fabulous! So glad you shared them. I love the Chicago one, but I checked out the site and I think I LOVE the Seattle one most! Perhaps because that’s where I’m from :)

DC Sarah

aaaaaaah! fabulous. i am such a sucker for bright, graphic screen prints. amassed a small collection by now and may have to add to it…


Thanks for the great info! I just bought one for my son and his new bride for their first apt. I know they’ll love it! I LOVE your site!!


These are great! Like DC Sarah, my screen print poster collection is overflowing… But I can still make room for Washington!


I like the bold colors.

The Phoenix poster doesn’t remind me of Phoenix at all.


gottem! Janice, you’re right “Phoenix” should say “Arizona” – Phx does not look like that, at least anymore it doesn’t.


Love those. I have been looking for some bright and fresh travel posters for my apartment!

Georgie Boy

Amazing!! I love the Hancock depicted in the Chicago poster… I can see my old office in there! Haha.. Great work!

The Heads of State

Thanks for the comments! We’ve an amazing response to this series and hope to have a new set available in the near future.

Hadn’t known about the Finnish poster book, but definitely very familiar with the work. Thanks for sharing.


I love the colours on the Seattle one! I do hope they’ll expand to more cities, I’m a sucker for travel print and already have a fair share of ‘places I’ve never been’


Just bought three! I moved to SF from Arizona and grew up in NY… and they match my color scheme perfectly!

It will be interesting to see which ones sell out first…


Love these, wish they had one for LA and European capitals.


Love these! :) So cute – the bright color pallette is awesome. I want the Miami one.



these posters are featured in the new issue of REAL SIMPLE as well in an article about efficiency in US cities!


WARNING. These guys truly SUCK at fulfilling orders, delivering on time, communicating with you, etc… I have been lied to that the item was shipping TWICE. A month later and I haven’t received anything. The tracking number I was given says the item hasn’t even gone out. BEWARE.