sneak peek: nadja lavin

nadja lavin has had a whirlwind year and a half. in july 2008, she got married in berlin, moved from germany to cambridge, massachusetts in december 2008, moved again -into this apartment – in the summer of 2009 and had daughter helena louise in september 2009! whew! nadia is a textile and interior designer. she currently works primarily with screen printing but also enjoys crochet, embroidery and drawing. somehow, she’s managed to keep up with it all, – and create a home that’s bright, happy and family-centric! {thanks nadja!} -amy a.

[I had been living in Cambridge for 7 months when we moved to this apartment. It was the first apartment that we got together to live in as a family – I was 7 months pregnant at the time. So decorating the space meant bringing together both our lives while at the same time preparing for our daughter. I wanted the house to feel very easy – with inviting places to sit, lounge, lay, nap, roll around on the floor and play. I was inspired by the simplicity and density of material and color of a Bedouin tent – pillows, blankets and a good rug on the floor. All the textiles are in a pallet of strong colors that work well together. There is a mix of old and new pieces – things I brought from Berlin, things my husband had from his childhood in Chicago, and the toys and things that belong to our daughter. So everything had to be brought together in a way that wouldn’t look like a stall at the flea-market.]

[photo above: The rug and striped pillows in the living room are wonderful vintage pieces from Marrakech we got via Berlin from our friend who has a beautiful space, Elgarafi, where she sells all kinds of things she picks up on her travels. The circles and two black shapes on the mantle are nadjamueller. The watercolor is a piece by Berlin artist Jonas Lipps.]

[photo above: The crocheted lampshade is nadjamueller. The poof is one of my pieces and is a work-in-progress! I found the coffee table at Reside, a great vintage store in Boston.]

[photo above: Dining area: The black lacquered table is vintage. The black chairs are by Konstantin Gricic and the artwork is Alexandra Kolb, – an AMAZING photographer!  The lampshade is nadjamueller. There is no electricity in the ceilings so as a work-around all lamps have to be attached to a socket on floor level!]

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[photo above: The little pillow is made out of a Marimekko fabric that we love. The desk is an Egon Eierman base with a simple plywood top that has a linoleum surface (thank you Ace! His contact info. is available via my etsy page) . The bright blue mini-paper-storage is by leise – and comes in fantastic colors. The artwork is by New York-based artist and jewelry designer Justin Giunta.]

[photo above: The nursery: The cute elephant mobile is a gift from friends (I was told they got it at the MoMA design store) Our daughter LOVES it, especially the red one.  The crib and other basics are Ikea. Most of the little toys I found on etsy.]

[photo above: The sofa bed in the nursery has two foam mattresses inside so we can have more friends to stay! The top mattress is covered with a maharam fabric to give it more of a “sofaish” look (the plans are available through ace). The pink chicken pillow is nadjamueller]

Sara Jensen

Love the sofa bed in the nursery. We have been agonizing over guest beds in our house. This is totally what we are going to do.


Those windows. those super-tall ceilings… I miss Boston so much! :(


Beautiful apartment. I LOVE the 1-2-3 pillows that the baby is playing with on the floor. Where are those from?


love the sofa bed as well….can you link me to the plans on where I can find one similar….it is perfect!!!!


Simple, calm, and chic. No wonder that baby is so happy! Who wouldn’t be in such a wonderful space?


Tres chic. I love the prop in the middle of the bed in the MBR! The whole apartment is very cool but unpretentious. Love it all!


Beautiful! Love the sofa bed in the nursery, did you make it, or is it from Ikea? I need something for one/two guests in my little home office, and have been searching and searching for something simple and functional just like this!


Oh! I have the same problem with wiring in the ceiling, it’s such a pain. I would love to see how you worked around this problem or if anyone else has any similar solutions?

sara malone

what about those numbers and letters baby is playing with? where are those from? love them!


this home is just amazing! i love all the hints of bright color. that rug!? the dining room… beautiful <3


Thanks for introducing me to Leise (maker of your blue paper holder and so many other gorgeous things!)! Fantastic.


your home is beautiful. will you walk us through the art you have and tell us where you got it if possible please?


the artworks: in the living room all the pieces except the black and white piece are by me. the black and white piece is by justin giunta, as is the top piece ot the two in the office. the fotograph above the dinner table is by alexandra kolb as well as the photographs on the mantle in the bedroom. all the other pieces in the bedroom are by me. the shelf in the nursery is left to right : justin giunta, an artist from brooklyn whose name i don’t know, a vintage number from etsy and another justin giunta piece. you can contact me through my etsy page if you have more questions, that way i get it directly.


the black and white piece resting on the books in the living room is by justin giunta


Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again


This is definitely my favourite sneak peek! I love the cute simple cushions, photo frames, stripe mats and just the decoration of the room! Nadja Lavin – your house is inspiring!

fleur capdeville

I love the painting ( or poster)which is on the mantelpiece with 3 round shapes: yellow pink and orange.
Who is the artist?Where could I buy it?


dear fleur, that’s one of my prints! just follow the links above to my etsy shop. it’s an original silkscreen print and you can buy it there.