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Fitzhugh & Lyndsay’s Park Slope Home

by Amy Azzarito

[photo by emily gilbert]
we’ve all been drooling over this brownstone from the folks at the brooklyn home company – the details are just amazing! the sculpture over the fireplace, the dining table crafted from a fallen beech tree, and the hand-carved four poster bed – all made by fitzhugh karol, a woodworker and sculptor, and lyndsay caleo, a jewelry designer and goldsmith. they certainly are one majorly talented couple! the pair met at risd grad. school. in addition to their individual work, they collaborate on the interior planning and architectural design for the brooklyn home company (and fitzhugh create a sculpture for each project!) i now know whom to call when i get that brooklyn brownstone of my dreams (of course, i’ll just might need a fairy godmother first!) {thanks fitzhugh and lyndsay!} {and thanks to emily gilbert for the amazing photographs!}amy a.

[Moving to New York was a big jump for both of us, having grown up in the country. The main goal for our living space in NY was to create a departure from the city. We looked at many brownstones but there were very few buildings on the market that fit our model. We needed lots natural light, outdoor space, room for plenty of guests, a bathroom for two, storage, a great kitchen, personal workspace, and 3 rental apartments to help with the mortgage. (In a 55′ x 20′ brownstone we had to be creative.) We approached the project like a puzzle and it was just a matter of figuring out how it would all fit together.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: We discovered the structural beams during demolition. Fitzhugh made the white, wood sculpture above the fireplace, the built-in bookcases, coffee table as well as the bar stools. Lyndsay found the Indian daybed at a salvage yard.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: The library ladder leads to one of the “guest-rooms.” The large cage lights above the kitchen island were salvaged off of a freighter ship from India. Lyndsay and Fitzhugh made the dining table together from a fallen beech tree. The bookshelves house various collections which are constantly growing and being rearranged.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: Another angle of the dining table. The turned wood mirror was made by Lyndsay’s father. The large ceramic form is by Toshiko Takaezu, for whom Fitzhugh was apprentice.]

CLICK HERE for the rest of The Brooklyn Home Company peek! (and all the images on one page!

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: Lyndsay searched ebay for weeks for a barn door to lead into the bathroom, and ended up finding one in the sheep run of Fitzhugh’s family’s farm in NH. After giving it some major TLC it found a new purpose.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: Natural light floods the bathroom through a floor to ceiling panel of sandblasted glass.  After looking at every bathroom light on earth, Lyndsay found 2 picture lights that were perfect.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: We put a 9 foot extension on the garden and parlor floor and relocated the kitchen to the back of the house. The wall of double hung windows was sourced from a storefront window manufacturer. The vintage American Standard farm sink came from Northampton MA via Ebay. Fitzhugh made the Sapele island countertop with a slit for kitchen knives – an idea that Lyndsay got from a photograph of Terence Conran’s kitchen. Olive the Norfolk Terrier is not usually allowed on the counter.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: We were lucky to have our property lined with trees including Magnolia, Dogwood and a huge Cherry tree. The reclaimed shelving came from a mill in Canandaigua, NY.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: Lyndsay originally had her studio on the garden level, but soon outgrew the space. We turned the parlor floor coat closet into the stairway and added a bathroom, a guest bedroom, storage, personal workspaces and a family room on the garden level.  Fitzhugh made the Sapele stair treads.  Above is a reclaimed beam that Fitzhugh sculpted into a Christmas present for Lyndsay.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: In the foyer is Lyndsay’s carved wood and concrete table.  The leather chairs are from American Leather. The opening to the right of the front door is where the parlor coat closet used to be and is now the stairway to the garden level. The floorboards were painted with a hard wearing floor paint.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: Fitzhugh carved the four poster bed from a Beech tree.  The tall carved mirror is from the Wendell Castle Collection.  The fireplace is original.]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: Lyndsay got inspiration for the new guest-room from the inside of a ship’s cabin. Fitzhugh made the built-in storage beneath the bed and the small side table. The new full guest bathroom is in the background. For bathroom fixtures, great deals can be found on floor models.]

[photo by emily gilbert]

[photo by emily gilbert]

[photo by emily gilbert]
[photo above: The windows look out to the back garden. We made the couch platform from reclaimed brownstone beams and twin mattresses to accommodate for more guests. Linen mattress covers can be removed and cleaned easily. The “Cloud” chair is from the Wendell Castle Collection. The wood sculptures and tables were made by Fitzhugh. Olive strikes a pose.]

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  • I don’t know where to begin… what a perfect, airy, beautiful place to call home…
    I’ve been dreaming of an old sliding reclaimed wood door for our bathroom for ages… theirs is absolutely perfect.

  • I am Brazilian and I love its blog, I come here almost every day in search of inspirations and pretty images.

    Congratulations for blog and debtor for as much good thing that it has here.

    Kisses and a pretty week pra you.

  • Want to do a house trade for a month. Your house is absolutley gorgeous!!! Such beauty and the woodwork and design is gorgeous!

  • I have looked at every sneak that has ever been and this is my first comment. Your brownstone is the epitome of light, airy and liveable! Very cute pup as well!

  • What an amazing space! I kinda drool a little when I see walls of built-ins like that. I love the juxtaposition of the rustic barn door against the clean white!

  • So bright and clean, yet still warm and homey!!! I am in awe.

    Even your adorable Schnauzer matches the wood in your house! ;)

  • It does seem this is not a home for anyone afraid of heights. Dusting all but the lowest shelves must be difficult, never mind accessing any of those kitchen shelves. I get dizzy just looking at the photo of that railingless staircase. All this and impossible to keep clean white floors EVERYWHERE. Beautiful definitely, but an impractical fantasy for all but the tidiest giants. Love the dog though.

  • Not only is this home astonishingly beautiful, but even more compelling in that the homeowners themselves created/reused/repurposed so much of it. I’m officially inspired- thanks for sharing this.

  • This is my FAVE sneak peek! AMAZING! love, love, love. That bathroom door is so smart!

  • Quite simply the most stunning work of interior design I’ve seen in the past two years. As an avid interior design fan, this has blown me away. What a surprise in such a big and bold way. Delightful!

  • Wow – so beautiful! I too have looked at every bathroom light around and love those 2 picture lights. Can you tell me where they are from?

  • Wow. This place is STUNNING. Ordinarily, I like more color than is used here but this house doesn’t need it. A+

  • this is definitely my dream home. i love it so much. everything about it. especially the walls of shelves and the barn door to the bathroom!

  • Wow, this is gorgeous. Amazing how white floors can change the whole look of a room. My husband and I have been kicking around the idea of painting our floors white for a few years, but we havane’t quite summoned the courage. Does anyone have any experience with them? Obviously tough to keep clean, but can you ever refinish them again and show no traces without having to sand down too much of the wood?

  • love it so much. wish it didn’t have a “first, start with a million dollars” feel to it. altho maybe it’s a “first, start with a woodworker husband” and a major downpayment feel.

    and 20×55?? that’s bigger than the norm. no need to complain about that!

  • amazing indeed, truly. The only thing I have an issue with is the Kitchen Mixer up so high, really?

  • I absolutely LOVE this home! It’s the perfect sneak peek, full of inspiration and amazing execution. I think it might be my new dream home … ;)

  • Wow! I’m madly in love with this house. I’m confused about the Brooklyn Home Company, though. Are they builders? An interior design firm? A housewares shop?

  • Amazing house, I love all the white and handcrafted woods furniture. Built in storage, I’d love to have that much space. Such innovation and beautiful execution! Thanks for sharing!

  • Regarding the floors: I lived with my sister who has rich, dark hardwood floors throughout except bathrooms. The one exception is my 7 year old niece’s room with white floors very similar to the one’s shown. The dark floors show every single spec of dust versus the white floors which only show obvious stains, like mud. Overall, I’d say it was much harder to keep the dark floors looking clean. Just my experience though.

  • hurts to see something this nice and know that if i don’t start buying lottery tickets i will never even have a CHANCE of living in it.

    i guess olive isn’t normally allowed on the dresser either. i love olive most of all in these pictures. the house ain’t bad either! let me know when one of the apartments are for rent! i might be able to afford that.

    some day.

  • i cannot believe that is in new york! what a stunning departure. such an oasis.

    when we lived in ny, the bottoms of our feet were always black no matter how much we cleaned (2nd floor loft where we had no control of the heat & always had to keep the windows open probably didn’t help). i can’t imagine keeping those white floors white, but i LOVE it.

  • i know these two and they are an amazing team! Every visit to their home reveals a new creative addition. Bravo, Lyndsay and Fitz!!!!!

  • Amazing space and feeling from inside and out. This place is full of talent and happy people doing what they love and what they are meant to do, it shows!

  • Full Disclosure, I am Lyn’s brother. To clarify, The Brooklyn Home Company is a Brooklyn real estate firm that creates townhouses and condos. Lyn and Fitz are the company’s design team, and Fitz builds custom art for each home we sell.

  • Pardon my French, but your home is EFFING AMAZING!!! I am drooling! It looks like nothing else out there, and like it is nowhere near NYC. Absolutely gorgeous! The white spaces give a sense of openess and airyness. The warm wood and leather pieces work so well to give the white space a homey feeling. I love the little pops of color. Also, your little doggie– Olive is an cute as a button! This is a “Sneak Peek” to be bookmarked and returned to often.

  • Everything these two put their minds to has grace and beauty woven into it. Their home is a reflection of two wonderful creative spirits.

  • wow. i don’t even know where to start with this. stunning and RIGHT SMACK BANG ON with my aesthetic… for a start. In fact, I don’t think I knew that I loved white + wood until I saw this, and yet it feels *so* right. it’s wonderful. also, that KITCHEN!

  • So…at the risk of making everyone on this blog hate me – I live in one of the other buildings Lyndsay and Fitzhugh designed in Fort Greene and – yes, you can kick me – it’s quite possibly *more* amazing than this one. They spent about 2 years restoring the building, and managed to keep a phenomenal level of original detail. I live in the parlor floor, which has 4 original fireplaces, 2 original mirrors, original glass window pocket doors leading to the kitchen, original wide-plank flooring that is so beautiful I literally tip-toed around my own apartment for the first three months after moving in. Their staggering attention to detail and overall aesthetic genius are things I have never, ever come across in other designers/developers. Since moving in, I’ve commissioned Fitzhugh to build a number of custom furniture pieces, all of which have turned out beyond my wildest dreams. We’ve actually become great friends through the whole process (how often does *that* happen with real estate purchases?!) and I can honestly say they’re two of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting. The cherry on top is that Lyndsay’s equally fantastic brother, Bill, runs the property management/real estate development side of the business – and as a first time home buyer, I can’t tell you what a massive relief it was to be working with such nice, open, honest, not-out-to-screw-you people. Seriously, I know I sound like some kind of paid commenter here, but I cannot underscore enough what an awesome, awesome family this is and how ridiculously effin’ lucky I feel to be living here. If anyone here is considering doing any sort of home improvement – from something as little as building a coffee table to as massive as a complete renovation – I will gladly, gladly be a reference: lesley.townsend@gmail.com

  • Seriously, this may be the most drool inducing one of all times.

    That skinny bedside table says it all for me. L’amour!

  • I absolutely adore the idea of the couch made of twin mattresses, and the little guest sleeping space above the dining table. Heaven.

  • I’m speechless! I immediately forwarded this to a friend who is beginning a renovation on a brownstone and I am sure will be as inspired as we all are. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • WOW! I didn’t expect to see such an airy space when I first saw the exterior of the house! Definitely my dream home. I had been looking for the perfect picture of a sliding barn door to show my husband (for our future dream home of course…) and I found it…amazing and very inspiring sneak peak!

  • Oh. My. God. Woah. This is an unreal house, I adore it. The light, the white, the gorgeous, glorious WOOD, and the unbelievable design. This is straight out of Architectural Digest! I am completely confused about the floor plan of this place, but really – who cares? *BOOKMARK*

  • I just died and went o Brownstone heaven. I live in Brooklyn and i dream about a place like this at night.

  • Goes WITH saying this a spectacular use of space, light, along with an incredible look that give this home an almost beach home feel with the use of white and cool design. Im so impressed it defies description

  • i love the kitchen table. Oh, and the barn door. Er, and the built-in shelves. Eh, also the windows that look out into the garden. Hand carved poster bed ain’t bad. Farm sink, I wouldn’t mind that either. And the dog is so cute, I could get used to her chasing my cats around the house. A clear case of immense talent and hard work.

  • This is also the first time I have commented – although I read this blog every day. Amazing! Everything I would ever want in a home.

  • So lovely. You really know your white bases. But what I like most is how you parked that organic form near the table and shelves of colorful books. It’s rockin alright.

  • The combination of materials is excellent. I didn’t find anything boring or irritatingly clever. A beautiful, normal place to live!Thank you for your exquisite taste and for sharing your finds with us.

  • the best sneak peak ever – absolutely gorgeous – this is where i want to live :)

  • I’m speechless. It’s gorgeous. Best ever space Design*Sponge. You should give anual award to the “people’s choice.” This would win hands down.

  • that space is stunning. the light, colors and furniture are perfect. what a lovely space to get to live in! i aspire…

  • wow, wow, wow. I mean, this is such a spectacularly beautiful home. Down to every last detail, so much love and hard work put in, so much thought and reading Lesley’s comment above made me fall in love even more. Nothing better than genuine and lovely people creating a lovely home. Beyond lovely, but still warm & so very inviting. wow. Thank you so much for sharing this everyone and now I am off to check out their personal work( woodwork & jewelry) So talented and I will be dreaming of it all for days to come! :)

  • What I loved most is how art is so seamlessly integrated throughout this amazing home. It reminded me of some of the weird, wild, funky, but totally intriguing modern art I saw at the Chicago Art Institute. How lovely to be able to not only create, but live with and enjoy such beautiful pieces every day!

  • being a wood whore, i’m drooling over this place. and all this in a brownstone?! who would have guessed. well done all around!

  • Hands down the best home sneak peek ever! THe best of all world – modern, rustic, bright, interesting and yet uncluttered. I am in LOVE! truly an inspiration. thanks for sharing.

  • How many women can say that their partner sculpted them a beam for Christmas? Now that’s love. And speaking of love, I always thought I wanted to marry Norm Abram… now I think I’ll take Fitzhugh instead. Better watch your back, Lyndsay: you blink and he’s mine!

  • Hate to say it, but this makes me wish I had money, and numerous beech trees to carve. It’s fantastically beautiful.

  • I love everything about the kitchen! The gorgeous shelves, the huge window spilling light over everything, even the silly puppy on the counter. Love it!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sliding barn door. Where did you get the hardware to hang it? Do you have a name or location of the place?
    I would like to isolate my sleeping area from my living room to conserve energy at night and a sliding door would look so much cooler than an oddly placed wood door. I am thinking something along the lines of a white or frosted sliding panel …. in keeping with my Euro-husband’s tastes.
    P.S. I Love all the design elements of your home!!!

  • thank you so much for sharing this home! absolutely gorgeous in every way. and olive’s appearance in the pictures definitely didn’t hurt. beautiful!!!

  • I love it so much. Beautiful. I laughed out loud, though, when I saw that the husband carved the beautiful bed…it reminded me of the unbelievable talent of the ex-fiancee in “Meet the Parents”. Remember that? Thanks for showcasing this rockin’ home.

  • This home has EVERYTHING I LOVE!!!!! We have very similar taste…I even own quite a few of the same accessories…and even own the very SAME Indian Daybed! (I use mine in my outdoor living room…we live in Southern California). My only wish is that your company was in California. I would LOVE to have your husband make some pieces for me as well! Let me know if you ever come to the West Coast or if you ship.

  • Wow. Thank you so much for all of your kind words, we’re blown away.

    Every step has been a labor of love and its an honor to share it on such a great blog.
    To answer some questions above, the bathroom lights are from Circa Lighting, [the Dorchester light]. We are using the Library Picture light [also from Circa] on another project we’re working on for the Brooklyn Home Co and they’re wonderful too.

    Without a doubt I would paint the floors white again. They are very easy to live with, and with two dogs and a constant flow of visiting friends, they are put to the test. We wash them once a week [usually]. I think the floors only look better with a little wear and tear, we painted them 3.5 years ago and havent touched them since…but if youre someone who isnt into that ‘look’ it would be super easy to take a paint brush for touch ups. Alternatively, sanding down the floors if you ever tire of them [which you won’t] would be like refinishing any wood floor.

    The hardware on the barn door is from http://www.barndoorhardware.com, and we use the ‘standard flat track’.

    With each new project we work on for the Brooklyn Home Co we approach it as if it were our own home. We joyfully obsess over each new space, learning from experiences and pushing ourselves to create ultimate spaces for living.

    Thank you again. Its means so much to us.

  • It has been been incredible, and a lot of fun to read all these responses. We’re speechless. Thanks so much and thank you D*S!

    Cynthia from California: to follow up on your comment… Please send me a note via my website linked here under my name. We love Brooklyn but we love California too!

    What a true pleasure it is to share our home with all of you!

    If anyone else has sourcing questions that we didn’t mention feel free to ask.

  • I have to say I love the house. I do have a few questions about code issues. I’m an architect and I’m wondering how you were able to achieve a few things. First, the lack of a railing on the stairs in the long white hallway – I would imagine one would be required. And second, the “loft bedroom space” – did your building inspector allow that as a bedroom space or is it technically storage space? Not to diminish the strength of the project – I think it is terrific!! Just questions that came to mind as I looked at the photos. Well done!!

  • Designsponge is my daily drug and this sneakpeek is probably the strongest dose yet. This is hitting me so hard. BEAUTIFUL beyond words. Love love love the kitchen! You guys rock big time.

  • Amazing! The white and the wood stuff does create a living space that everyone would fall in love with.

  • Love it! Could you please one day have a ‘how to’ for the sliding barn door … just love it!

  • Lyn and Fitz, you both know already how much we absolutely admire your talent and aesthetic, and love your beautiful home! It really is inspiring to see the amount of natural light mixed with the white and wood; truly a breath of fresh air. P.S. Nick wants to know if you will design a house for him in all black? ;) And I will gladly help you move to California (and take Billy and Kebra too) to get your designs up and running in my home state! Lots of love, N&N

  • FREAKIN’ AMAZING! Such exquisite taste. Truly. With crazy-good attention to detail. I love that every little thing has been labored over so that when everything is put together it looks effortless. Quite stunning. The whites, the textures. It truly is one of the most beautiful homes that I have ever seen. And I was also totally shocked to see the open layout when from the outside it looks like a regular (beautiful) brownstone. Bravo for making it your own. I hope that my home can someday be like 1/5th of what this home is!

  • Love this sneak peek! Maybe someday when the kids are grown up I will have a house half this beautiful.

    I am also wondering where you got your medicine cabinets.

  • I love love love this place. I love the white, clean open spaces, the mixture of wood and leather, the beautiful floors and how cute is that dog.

    Great job Emily! You really captured what an amazing space it is.

  • This is the BEST pairing of the white Chairs with the dining room table. EVER!! I have seen those chairs a hundred million times and never felt the fit was right with their curvaciousness. The natural element of the woods grain and curved siding mirrors and compliments the modernity of the chairs’ curves.
    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous ingenious home. What wonderful people!!

  • i have always love d*s sneak peaks, but never been compelled to comment until now. completely, utterly, wonderfully inspirational. well done.

    thanks for curing my thursday afternoon slump!

  • I could dream about the kitchen all the day long. The thought of cooking, reading and living in a house like this is really wonderful.

  • Wow, how stunning! I love, love, love the white floor, use of a height of the rooms, and beautiful woodwork. You all are seriously talented!

    Lyn and Fitz, do you remember the source of the library ladders? Are you happy with them? Any tips are appreciated!

    I live in OH and would love to buy your furniture as well :)

  • Kelly, and anyone else… The library ladder is from Alaco Ladder Co. They are in California somewhere. You can get different types of wood ladders as well as steel/aluminum. They were very helpful in helping us design a custom system with two rail levels.

    If you are interested in furniture send me an email from my website: http://www.fitzhughkarol.com


  • I am working for a designer right now to help paint her client’s floor white. It is a scary idea here in Atlanta, where everything is very traditional. I can’t wait to see how the whole project turns out!

  • my wife has been working on an exact project like this for awhile now using stumps that we find cut down anywhere we come across them.having someone do the design and work is nice if you have the money to do so, but we’ve found it so much more rewarding doing it ourselves despite the weight of the stumps.

  • LURVE it! The natural lighting and the effortlessness about it all, but sooooo stylish and approachable. Not to mention the doggy – I want to move in and never leave. :)

  • Thanks for posting this and for proving that YES! IT IS worth it to put your own touch into your house. I really lag behind my friends who scurried to put their houses together. (We all bought around the same time.) I think it will be worth it in the end, but for right now I feel like my life is on hold while I “work on the house.” Anyway, you’re an inspiration.

  • First time looker at Design Sponge. I’m an architect and lots of cool, simple ideas. Lots of hideous slavishness to fads too.
    How did they get that illegal and dangerous railing-less stair approved by the Building Inspector?

    • hi guys

      just a quick note- i appreciate anyone’s concern about the safety of the rails, but let’s try to keep some of the more drastic phrasing under control. some of you are trying to leave pretty intense and inflammatory comments about the railings and i think there are more civil ways to phrase things. no one’s asking you to like it, or be super nice, but anything that’s threatening or attacking won’t be allowed.


  • Amazing! Absolutely soul provoking. You have turned all of my ideas into a brillant reality. Every space flows into the next with the brilliant sunlit rooms. The library built-ins with ladder and cool phantom chairs with the rustic wooden table in the dining space are magical. The kitchen and living room with the bench and leather chairs are impeccable. The terrace level sitting area is unequivocably sexy-beckens dreams in Thailand. I’m an architect and obscessed with combing raw materials with refined ones. The old and new, primitive/tribal art and decor with modern. You have both masterd mixing all of these elements. This is the way I have want to live with my family.

  • Hi Lyndsay ~ I’m dying to find an old barn door and rig it in a similar fashion but I’m wondering how you handing the tracking/movement at the bottom of the door. I would love to hear how it works.
    Thanks SO much!

  • I don’t know how I missed this the first time, but I ADORE this house! I have to admit, I’d probably throw in a *dash* of color on a few of the walls (as accents) but really? Love love love love love this!

  • i love this house !! It is so clean and it looks like a place that you can escape to. i like the fact that almost everything is white with a few earthy colors that gives it more warmth and depth.

  • My favorite sneak peak! everything is so beautiful and clutter free and just perfect love the cleanliness and superb taste!

  • This home makes me reconsider white walls; I usually consider them boring and overdone. White is really the perfect choice for this home, though. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  • This home is dreamy, exterior and interior. Miss NY so much.,Welcome home :)

    As for Joy’s comment on white, yeah, I feel the same way, yet when white is done like this, it looks so good./ The dog is adorable.

    I was on Portland once as a 9 yr old, so it was fun to see it in it’s current image, since I hear so much about it lately. Sad to see the Bittersweet to see the Made in Oregon sign though. Like it, is anything manufactured there now?

    Sorry, to Brooklyn , YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This house is full of wonderfulness. Thank-you for showing so much of it, it’s a top favourite.

  • The outside of this home is so warm and inviting. Love all the wood decor. Love the layout. Too many shelves, too high and too, too white for my taste. The wall with the fire place is too busy. I would like to see more colour.
    Very nice but not my cup of tea.

  • I have to agree, gorgeous! I haven’t heard the name Wendell Castle in a long time. I had the privilege of seeing his home back in the 90’s and needless to say, it was amazing.

  • I would love to know what brand of paint that you used throughout your fabulous home…and…did you use various shades of white or one color? Also, what type of special floor paint did you use on the wood floors? Fabulous.

  • I’m in awe,inspired,in love with this space. This is truly a home-a living, loving,fabulous hive of creativity. Can I commission f+l to rehab my house in Cincinnati? And…Gimme the dog.

  • Totally ‘In-the-box’. Steril. Predictable. Unspontaneous. Cute… Too much beige / white / brown. ‘Kind of look that was ‘in’ in France in the Eighties… No balls, Sorry…

  • Wow! I rarely comment like this but wanted to let you know that I LOVE your home! It is so bright, open, spacious and homey! All of your custom wood treasures warm up the white beautifully! Just stunning!

  • Nothing I say can add to the above comments, but count me in as another fan. Your home is perfect. The color scheme, materials and light – it’s just lovely. I live in NYC and have seen so many expensive, designed homes – but none bring it all together in the manner that you have. Thank you!

  • Oh this is BEAUTIFUL! The white and wood interiors complement each other in a romantic, industrial inspired way.

  • Can u Plse tell us exactly which “hard wearing floor paint ” you used?? There are so many. Am interested in your brand etc and how well you think it has held up in whte. Thnx !! Gorgeous!

  • I almost completely dislike what they have done to this house. Just not my taste, it looks like something from the old “Metropolitan Home” magazine of the 80s. It looks overly clever at the expense of comfort, unwelcoming, uncomfortable looking (Would your guests really want to feel that they are crammed into a ship’s bed for a guest room?), cluttered, difficult to maintain and not very elegant except for some of the nice touches like the sliding barn door used for the bathroom.

    I hope that the house was in salvage condition when purchased because they destroyed the precious original detail, if they had any to start with. I dislike that they painted the wide plank floors white; I would have stained them rather dark. The mantel looks original and is overwhelmed by the sculpture. It should have been treated as a precious jewel, at the least the sculpture should clear the top of the mantel.

    I did like the use of ‘self’ colors throughout the house but the white walls just create a cleaning issue. in New York City your walls will remain white for about three months — trust me, we have ‘been there’. There is a terrible problem in Brooklyn with dust from traffic sources and I hope that the owners have central air and filters and do not open their windows.

    Suggest the use of pale washes of architectural shades like greys, lavenders, pinky taupe, beiges on the walls, just very pale ones, to bring out the detail of the house.

  • What light, clean lines and use of space! I think a few more pops of color would be great. Nice photography, not always easy to convey details with large areas of white. Wonderful repurposing, nice for project and great for the planet. Congrats!

  • It is a beautiful blend of textures!! Would love to know the shade of white used on the walls.

  • Absolutely gorgeous and inspired! I really like the barn door at the bathroom – ingenious…an amazing house indeed…

  • Speechless. Can’t believe how mind-blowingly well-crafted this house is. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!

  • Love how they were able to have a ton of storage while keeping the living space from seeming cluttered, with the white floor-to-ceiling built-ins. And that bathroom door? Gorgeous!!

  • This is the home I’ve been describing as my dream home all my life. From the antler on the bedroom fireplace mantle, to the kitchen library ladder and hidden reading/resting loft, to the nautical bed and sconces and exposed wood beams…
    This IS the most beautiful home ever (tear)! Kudos on the exceptional design and styling of this magnificent space.

    My breath has been taken away.

  • Wow! I love how bright and organized this space is! I’m obsessed with the built-in storage and the wooden details! This space looks very modern and chic!

    The Office Stylist