rough linen + storage beds

when it comes to bedding, i tend to swing to both extremes: i really love crisp, preppy, tailored bedding, and i also love really undone, natural-feeling bedding. so i was happy to hear from tricia rose about her collection called “rough linen“. tricia based the collection on old linen from her grandmother’s house in scotland and her own home in france, focusing on creating a rough look, with a texture that’s still soft on the skin. each piece is made the old way with french seams (no serging), cut to the thread, and pre-washed for shrinkage and to release the texture. i really love this look and thought some of you might enjoy the natural, raw look to these pieces, too. click here to check out tricia’s collection and shop online (prices range from $35-$400 for pillows and duvets).

ps: speaking of beds- simone has a great post on storage beds over at the d*s guest blog. click here to check out all of her small space living ideas!

Ellie Cutler

Um…I love this! I’m the same way, I love crisp and tailored but also the linen look. This would be sooooooo cute in a shabby chic-esque room. Thanks for sharing!


Love it. I am obsessively in love with the rough and nubby texture of linen. Crazy headboard!


It looks the headboard is made from driftwood! How beautiful…I have done a mantel, but hadn’t thought of a headboard. Goes so well with the linens!


I go to the rough linen website and just drool. I love their duvets so much, but no way would my fiance be okay with dropping $400 on a duvet. He just doesn’t get it.


A great source for the DIY’r linen fabric, is NAYY, but I’ve been considering turning some of my yardage into bedding and kitchen linens. Their heavy weight naturals are fabulous!