portland cement co.

one day when we own a house (renting’s limitations are such a bummer sometimes!) i can’t wait to pick out beautiful tiles for our bathroom. until that day, i’ll constantly be in awe of all the different options for adding something custom to your bathroom. amy ruppel sent over a link to these beautiful cement tiles from her friend todd robinette’s company, portland cement co. the portland cement co. specializes in cement tiles, both flat and profiled. my favorites are the tiles that mimic wooden shingles and fish scales. those sorts of shapes are so fun to see in a small bathroom- they really add a lot of depth and texture to the space without overwhelming the room. you can check out their full selection of tiles right here- be sure to check out the fish scales- they’re so fun. thanks, amy!

The Art of Doing Stuff

Those fish scale tiles are beautiful! And the multicoloured disc shaped ones give me the urge to grab one, pull it out and eat it! Very nice job Portland Cement Co.!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the fish scale tiles!!! I am asking our office to have them do a presentation so I can see these in person…..


I wanted the hex version of those for my bathroom remodel, but they were really $$$! :(


love the koi tiles. Is the shape a “trend”?? It is the same as the pixel rug, a few posts earlier…..

Red Prairie Press

so beautiful. I just met someone who’d poured their own pigmented cement kitchen countertops – would love to see someone hand making tiles too! Outstanding.


Oh, wow! Those fish scale tiles are gorgeous! It’s so inspiring to see someone doing something unique with the ‘medium’!


So wonderful! I currently also live in a rental and there is so little we can do about the bathroom, but the texture from those titles are a great inspiration!


I read design sponge EVERY day, I am always inspired and take things and transfer them into what I do as a fashion designer BUT when it comes to my own house (RENTAL!) I just get so so bummed. So many of the great things we see on DS are absolutely GREAT and there is NO WAY that I could get that look in this house. I know every home is different but it would be super cool if there was a section on DS for ‘reinterpreting’ looks and transferring the way rooms are renovated for the rental bound homebodies such as yourself, amy, and others like us.

I know its a tough ask – I guess kind of like surgery without a cut but SURELY there is a way to inspire us ‘no impregnating the walls with bluetac’ tenants

:) no matter what, I love you forever!



i know how you feel, i’m a renter and hate that i can’t do things like wallpaper and re-tiling.

when the redesign launches in may/june, you will be able to search homes by rent/own, so you can get specific ideas from people who are in your same home situation, hopefully that will help :)


Vicki@Piccolo Takes All

I can understand the frustration with rentals. My husband and I rented a small apartment for five years before we bought our house. And our landlord wouldn’t let us do ANYTHING.

But, everything is not greener on the other side. Granted, now we can paint our walls whatever color we want. But we don’t have money to do what we’d like to do — like renovate our bathroom (which, by the way, has a drop ceiling and a shower curtain ring fashioned out of PVC pipe…Classy.) or our back bedroom (has nasty 70s paneling, black plastic door and window trim, drop ceiling, and “mission style” flourescent light fixtures) — because, in addition to our mortgage, now we also have to deal with a leaky basement and roof, amongst other things, which are very expensive and unfun!

Looking back, I now realize that renting can, in some ways, be much more freeing than owning.

Stephanie Barnes

can you please advise where these can be purchased?