new work from diana fayt

i have a soft spot for rabbit imagery. i’ve never owned them (the ones with the red eyes give me the creeps), but i’ve always happily purchased home and personal accessories with rabbits on them. so when i saw these new pieces from san francisco artist diana fayt i was immediately hooked.

diana recently added some pretty new spring designs to her etsy shop (my favorites are the blue bunny plate above and the trio of designs below), but she also announced her participation in a whole slew of exciting shows and exhibitions. i was really drawn to the work she created for sante fe clay‘s la mesa exhibit (the trio of bunny plates above) and for the clay studio‘s a la cARTe exhibit (the three plates in a row above). diana’s work for both shows features animals as a central part of the design motif, and i can’t get enough of those rich colors and glazes. if you’re in philly check out the la mesa show here (the work will be on display in banquet table form- very cool) and the clay studio’s exhibition (which is putting specially made pieces like diana’s in local restaurants) click here for more information.

Kerry Scott

I love rabbits too! Although, I prefer to think of them as small, fluffy bunnies… Thanks for this fun post.


I had the pleasure of meeting Diana and purchasing one of her cups at a Christmas fair. I bought a piece very similar to that bottom mustard color cup. It’s gorgeous and even more stunning in person.

Diana Fayt

Thank you so much for including my work in today’s post!

I just wanted to make one correction, the work mentioned in conjunction with the La Mesa exhibit (the three rabbit plates) is actually being held in Philly at the NCECA conference as well and not in New Mexico. It’s very confusing I know. ;-)

Thank you again!


This work is wonderful. I really like this line drawing that evokes the old boards botanicals. Thank you for all the discoveries that I do every day here.


I just saw her work in Philly, it is so wonderful & NCECA was great!!

There is a strange phenomenon with sculptors and ceramicists they always seem to have rabbits somewhere in their body of work.