new: heath summer 2010

good morning! i thought i’d kick off this grey friday morning with some sunshiney new pieces from heath ceramics in california. for their summer 2010 collection, heath is debuting some cheerful blue and yellow pieces that are part of an ingoing series of glaze experiments by the company. the collection will debut on april 1st, to coincide with the opening of heath’s new store in the san francisco ferry building. if you’re in town be sure to stop by, or click here to check out heath’s existing collections online. thanks, coralie!

over at the d*s guest blog jenny and isabelle are closing out their week with a beautiful post on jenny’s daughter viola. jenny created an adorable “secret basket” of toys for her on a pulley system that would make anyone jealous. click here to check out the full post…


Wow, there has to be a place in SF that carries his goods and will check out…. Perfect for Union Square area. Looks to have a Scandinavia influence.
Viola, love the socks.



Yep, found it…Ferry Building. I go by there on my way to work…will check out. Matti

Oneleven Creative

Those health ceramics pieces are beautiful. As if I didn’t already wnat summer enough, these just sealed it.

Thanks for sharing those! Love blue and yellow together.


The secret basket is a very nice idea. What do you tie the rope to in order to keep the basket in the air?


Amazing ceramics. And definitely of the summer state of mind. What a beautiful thing to see on a Friday morning!


omg…and i thought that Heath couldn’t possibly get any better! *Love* *Love* *Love* the new glaze treatments!


I really really love the new Heath ceramics. Might have to finally acquire a few pieces!


Love everything Heath. My breath catches just seeing those avocado and verde glazes…

Jenny at Dos Family


Julie:I completely forgot to take a photo of the rope when it is tied. Viola ties it on the side of the shelf, that you see in the background. BUT we are going to buy a hook for her to tie the rope to instead of the shelf. I just have to find a nice one.



the collection launches in april- it’s not out yet. these are preview images :)



I don’t know what it is, but the colors for the heath ceramics are just the right shades of summer….i guess its called beautiful!!


i love all things heath. but this new collection, it is beyond. and the color combo just happens to be that of my kitchen…oh dear, i’m in trouble.


Matti-Gump’s carries Heath ceramics. A Gump’s Buyer bought the original line from Edith when she was just starting her career, now it is back.