new: ashley g “i’d rather be” prints

if ever an artist summed up both of my main desires these days, it would be ashley g. her new “i’d rather be sleeping” and “i’d rather be thrifting” prints seem to encapsulate my current urges with frightening accuracy. each of ashley’s prints come signed and are available in two sizes: 13″x19″ ($38) and 7.25″x11″ ($20). at this relatively early hour i’m going to go with “sleeping”, but later in the day when i start feeling antsy and want to find something new to inspire me, i have a feeling my inclination is going to tip towards thrifting. click here to check out both and make your choice…


Oo love these. Tough choice…I’d rather be doing either of those most the time.

Carrie S.

I sometimes thrift in my sleep. No, seriously…I have dreams about finding the coolest thrift store ever, packed to the gills with gorgeous things.

I guess I need to buy both prints. Ha!


I love the couple prints. Their delightful colors which inspire me a lot.


i was having such a crappy monday until i saw these! thanks, grace!

Ashley G

Thanks so much everyone! I’m glad you like them. They certainly are my personal mantras ; ) I will be offering more in this series over time AND if you want your own PERSONALIZED one feel free to email me. They will be the large 13 x 19 and $64!!

Catherine V

I’d definitely rather be sleeping. I’ve been a fan of Ashley G’s for a number of years and have bought several of her whimsical prints. Great stuff!!


These are outstanding. I’m so excited for warm weather, crisp mornings with tea and the hunt for great finds thrifting.


Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I guess I know what my ETSY purchase will be today. . .I’d Rather Be Thrifting!!!! Wonder what custom order I could come up with?


I definatley need to get me he “I’d rather be sleeping” print. Such gorgeous colours.