march d*s desktop wallpaper: wayne pate!

i can’t believe it’s march already (2010 is seriously flying by!) but that means it’s time for a new d*s desktop wallpaper from one of my favorite artists: wayne pate! i’ve been following wayne’s work at good shape design since he launched that adorable bird print in 2007 and have really enjoyed him grow and change as an artist. so i was thrilled when he agreed to be one of our desktop artists! this month wayne has created a custom design for us that comes in three sizes, each with a calendar for march 2010. i hope you’ll enjoy wayne’s design as much as i do (i love those little plaid shapes!) and will check out more of wayne’s work here.

CLICK HERE to download the wallpapers!

Rachael Lachel

I use your wallpapers every month on my work desktop; this month is my b-day month and it looks fabulous.


This may be my favorite one yet! Thanks for commissioning these every month! You always pick such great artists! :)

Make, Do & Send

It’s so nice to see waynes work featured here. Whenever I discover a new artist I really like I start seeing them pop up everywhere, I just saw some of his prints featured in elle decoration too :)