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made with love: catnip mouse

by amym

Some people are born cat people. I wasn’t. It’s been a slow process but I’ve finally come around to loving cats, especially since I inherited two in an awkward post-breakup situation. Even though my kitties are the ultimate scaredy cats, they love toys. Ever the doting mom, I like to use up my extra fabric scraps by making catnip mice. Warning- whenever I stepped away from my crafting table, the cats would jump up and hide my mouse before I had even finished. Brats with a capital B. –amy m.

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

What you’ll need:
– Catnip
– Stuffing
– Fabric scraps
– Scissors
– Thread
– Contrasting fabric for ears & tail
– Pencil
– hand sewing needle

– Cut two mouse shaped crescents from fabric. Cut a long contrasting piece for tail.

– Hand or machine sew right sides together with 1/4″ seam allowance, sandwiching tail in the seam, 1/4″ up from bottom. Leave 1″ opening at bottom.

– Turn right side out (use a pencil eraser to help if needed). Alternating a pinch of dried catnip and a pinch of stuffing, fill mouse body completely.

– Hand sew 1″ opening closed.

– Cut out ear pieces, making a small notch in bottom to allow for and easy “pinch”. Hand sew ears on. Stitch eyes and whiskers on if wanted.

– Snap photos of cats as they sit mesmerized, watching you craft.

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  • hehe, cute! my cat LOVES the little ones i buy him from target…and now i can make some with cute fabric instead :)

    and yes, everytime i make something with feathers, my cat takes it upon himself to jump up on the table and carry feathers off in his mouth like he has really hunted a bird down and is carrying it across the desert. silly kitties.

  • Those mice are simultaneously cute and creepy. I have no cats, so I would need to somehow modify this for a dog…I love that plaid fabric, though.

  • oh my–i just bought a new cat nip mouse, & my cat’s already ripped it to shreds! guess i need to try this…if i want my cat to continue practicing to be a Ninja Cat.

    Too Cute!

  • love the tweedy plaid too. i’ve made similar catnip stuffed toys for all the cats in our extended family for christmas…yeah, ridiculousi know, but cat people tend to be :)

    and you have a beautiful kitty, crafty and clever it sounds like too just waiting for those toys to be finished :)

  • What a totally gorgeous cat!
    I find that catnip is a very weird thing when working with cats. Apparently it has a stronger effect on male cats than it does on female cats, and is also more likely to attract cats from the Northern hemisphere, which is sad for my little girl here in Australia. Weird facts.

  • Nice project! My cats tend to rip the mousies apart to get to the catnip – I recommend a strong fabric and double-stitching.

    • I plan on making a few of these for Christmas, and I agree and planned on using a strong fabric, but I hadn’t thought about double-stitching. For good sturdy fabric I purchased some sturdy wool pants at my local thrift store (for $0.75) and washed them rather dry clean them which tightened up the weave, making the fabric even more sturdy. I’m glad I read your comment about double stitching. That will make these little mice last much longer.

  • Great project, I should make a few for my grand kitty’s…my daughter has 2 wonderful boys that are fun to hang with…

  • We just got an indoor cat in July after all 3 of our outdoor cats got old and died at the same time. We are pathetic about our cat. We talk about her all of the time and spoil her so much. So, of course I’ll be making these over the weekend!

  • A very cute article! I was born a cat person, finding them a hundred times better than dogs. it’s fun get small stuffed animals at thrift stores, wash them, of course, and then partially stuff them with catnip after you slit a hole in the belly. It’s fun to see a cat attack a stuffed teddy bear their own size!

  • That’s funny about the martha article- I’ve been making these mice for years!

    I did a post 2 years ago when I got my first cat about making them. Guess the idea of putting catnip in a mouse ain’t earth shattering!

  • This is such a great idea! My parent’s/the family cat, Tom, LOVES catnip mice! My mom found a place near her house that sells something similar, but now we can save money and have fun can making our own for him :)

    Oh, and beautiful cat!!

  • it’s a great idea
    but fun doesn’t last long, my cat always tears to pieces those mice in like… two minutes

    *beautiful cat you have!

  • So, maybe this dates me too much but this story about your kitties reminds me of that old Kliban illustration from the 70’s of the cat playing the guitar and singing along “Love to eat them mousies! Mousies I love to eat. Bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feet!” – Very fun project and some great memories to boot!

  • Love your cat, looks just like our Charlie, only she would be up on the sewing machine trying to stop the thread from moving. Really cute idea, I am going to try it today. thanks

  • Just wanted to let You know I had lots of fun doing those and my cats loved them too! Thank You for sharing :)