leefee photography

when i look at photographs, i want to travel. whether it’s to an actual destination, or to a make-believe world that the image creates or inspires, i’ve always really loved the way pictures can make you go somewhere else in your mind. so when i saw silvana’s photographs from paris on etsy, i was instantly smelling strong (strong!) coffee, hearing the sound of street music and imagining all of the beautiful buildings in the city of lights. silvana has a really beautiful set of parisian images in her ‘leefee’ etsy shop, but she also has some lovely nature and nautical-inspired photos as all, all priced at either $17 or $32, depending on size. click here to check out her full collection and shop online.


I love that photography – especially beautiful photography like this – can transport us to another time and place. When I look at photos of Italy or Hawaii, the smells, the sun, the sounds all come rushing back.


Paris is a beautiful city and so are the pictures.
I know exactly what you mean about seeing photos and wanting to travel. I suffer from the same problem!