Jenny at Dos Family

by Grace Bonney

Good day!

I am Jenny Brandt from the Swedish blog Dos Family.
Thank you Grace for inviting me and my blog partner Isabelle Halling McAllister, for this guest blog opportunity.

Isabelle and I have been blogging together for a year now. I photograph homes for our “Dos Visits” and Isabelle creates, crafts and alternates stuff for her posts.

We are a perfect blog-match.

We both have small daughters and newborn baby boys.

We both love to blog about home decoration and kids-stuff.

We both like colorful and quirky design that has a lot of humor.

We both work from home. Isabelle works as an interior decorator in Stockholm and I am a photographer from Skåne Sweden.

Also we are both crazy about our homes and thought we should start our week here with some photos from our own places.

I live in a house in Skåne, Sweden with Jens, an illustrator , who also works at home. We have one daughter, Viola, 5 years old and Baby Frank, 2 months. Here are some details from my house.

And tomorrow, Isabelle will show you her apartment. See you then!

CLICK HERE for 5 more images of Jenny’s lovely home after the jump!

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  • What a beautiful home! it`s colorful, happy, young and fresh!
    I wish I could have a home like this! but I`m always moving so I don`t have a home to call mine yet..
    I love it! congrats!

  • This is wonderful!!
    The links to “Dos Family” are not working for me. Is there perhaps another way to enter the blog? What is the address?

  • Great home! Can’t wait to check out Dos Family! I love those painted floors (the blue and the white) I’ve been dying to paint our hardwoods…totally love that look!
    Will check back for Isabelle place, tomorrow!

  • Yeah Dos Family! Excellent living, awesome blog – been a fan for awhile! As the mother of a Viola (age 3.5) too, I am glad to see all Viola’s living in style & color!

  • I’m so happy to see a family blog featured! I’ve been a fan of dos family for a while, I’m excited to read her guest entries!

  • I’m an established fan too, but for some reason the dosfamily.com link doesn’t seem to work for me anymore!!!

  • Wah. The link doesn’t work for me either. I tried loading it in IE and Safari. Any suggestions?

  • i love my ms. jenny and ms. isabelle! i am elated to see that you are featuring them and their unlimited creativity here this week. bravo, design*sponge, bravo! :)

  • I was reading another blog, and saw the picture of the woman (you?) on the sofa reading, and my eyes were drawn to the table cloth instantly. “Now that must be Swedish?!” I thought. Then I saw the the title of the book and knew for sure. At second thought of course everything from the mat via the sofa to the radiators and the shoes are dead giveaways… So often when I take a liking to an interior it turns out it’s Swedish. In my case, the theory that you like what is familiar seems right…

  • Oh, i loved the book Jag vill också ha ett syskon, when I was growing up in Southern Sweden. The dos family-style is so much home for me, i love it. Keep up the good work! Kramar!

  • Jenny, those clogs you are wearing in the photo of you reading are fabulous! Where can I get some??

  • Hey Everyone. And thank you so much for the kind words.

    So many fun comments.

    And to the questions:
    Julianna: 3 photos put on top of each other , faded.

    Valery: I have email you!

    Betty: Thank you. I too love them. I bougth them at a fleamarket almost 12 years ago. Back then I loved the 70s and now I do again. That is how old I have become. haha. trends comming and going and then comming back again.

  • I was randomly browsing the web and found this blog. It’s a great blog. The pictures are so pretty, the patterns of the wallpapers are so creative, and the kids are so lovely. Have fun and enjoy, Dos Family!