grow house grow: naturalist collection wallpapers

one of my favorite exhibitors at bklyn designs last year was katie deedy of grow house grow (click here to check out katie in my bklyn designs wrap up video, @2:38). so i was excited to hear from katie yesterday about her latest collection of wallpapers: the naturalist collection. inspired by several “long-forgotten women of science”, grow house grow’s new hand-printed collection of papers features playful imagery like mollusk scallops and venus flytraps and is designed to celebrate the interests and accomplishments of each woman.

the three new patterns, ms. treat (inspired by naturalist mary treat), mme. jeanne (inspired by the mother of aquariophily jeanne villepreux-power), and ms. ward (inspired by microscope specialist mary ward, are each available in three colorways for $180 per roll or $48 per sheet (great for craft projects!). you can check out katie and her new collection in person at this year’s bklyn designs, or check out (and shop) the new collection online right here. thanks, katie!

little bit

This wallcovering is AMAZING. I love the style! As a designer it is always wonderful to discover a new AMAZING wallcovering line:) Thank you for sharing.

Jeff Friesen

Every once in a while you see a brave, obscure act of creative genius, and the wallpaper featuring woman scientists is surely that.


That Red graphic one at the top is my fav. Looks like colorful bract leaves of a Euphorbia pulcherrima…sweet! Matti


They appear to send free samples? I asked for one Mme. Jeanne and I will frame it no matter how tiny!


ms. ward is the coolest wallpaper ever – hopefully it will still be there when I get a wall of my own (not rented).

Tersi Bendiburg

Katie Deedy Robison is truly an artist. The “naturalist collection” blending art and science is brilliant. So deserving of the women who inspired it.
A very gifted artist.


gorgeous!! Not only do I love love & WANT, but it’s fabulous that you happened to post this on Ada Lovelace Day, an international day of blogging in honor of women in science & technology!!


Wow! These are gorgeous! I am working on some wall papers designs myself at the moment – for the first time – and am in total awe of these…the way the repeat just flow beautifully and different parts of the design draw your eye. So beautiful!


These are so coo — I have to get some sheets to frame. And it’s so weird to see these since just last weekend I bought a cool print of Marie Curie at a garage sale.


Is that a nude silk corset trimmed with black lace among the leaves in the top design?