diy idea: spring tablecloth

we’ve got a whole slew of diy posts coming up today so i wanted to kick things off with this fun and affordable idea from artist eleanor grosch. eleanor picked up some cheap blue and white ikea dishtowels and turned them into a “south of france-inspired” tablecloth. total cost? $5. such a clever idea and a pretty look for spring. click here for eleanor’s full steps on her blog. thanks, eleanor!

*click here for a sneak peek into eleanor’s home!


Love this idea!!! I’ve been looking for a table cloth that does not suck for a while, and couldn’t fathom being able to buy the right amount of fabric. This is perfect!


smart idea and wit reasonable price. i think ikea has good design just that too common and you have made the products special..great idea.


Wow, love this idea!! Affordable and lovely!! You could even write something along the edge, sort of an inspiring phrase. :) love, love this!


Cute! Do yourselves a BIG favor, and wash the towels first. There is bound to be some shrinkage (especially with the low price point). Otherwise, the first time you wash your table cloth you will be most unhappy with rippled seams… wash and dry on high in your dryer, and then press with a hot iron before you sew.


I’ll be making it asap. Thank you … thank you….. Elianor.

kate Collins

Wow, a great idea!

I love the desk she has in her home – how amazing that it was already in the home…what luck!


Where can I find a set of those ducks taht are on the wall?!

Jennifer D.

If you don’t have an Ikea in your town, the “everything’s a dollar” stores usually carry handtowels. I think it may even be two for $1! Lot’s to choose from also.


I may try this for my little patio table for a spring tablecloth. Smaller and square so I don’t have to fuss with rounded edges!


fantastic idea. sometimes it’s hard for me to find the cloth i want in the right size. this will do the trick !

betsy & iya

so smart!! I love the nostalgic feeling of the tablecloth—reminds me of happy sunny days in the country.


Thanks! This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. Really great.


great DIY post! i have those ikea towels and would have never thought of this clever idea!


Thanks, Guys! Yes, these towels are super versatile. I made a matching window swag with some of the extra ones I bought. Makes you think about how cute some other towels would look sewn together…


Im so happy you’ve done this tutorial. I’ve been desparately needing to sort out my table cloth situation and make some new ones.