Closet Home Offices

As someone who works from home, I know that having a separate home office often seems not only luxurious, but necessary. But ha ha, too bad, you live in a tiny-ass apartment! You don’t even have a separate room for your bed. What are you gonna do now?

If you’re a good lil’ TAA-dweller, you did as we discussed in Tuesday’s post and cordoned off a section of your space to serve as your work area. Even though it’s not a fancy office suite with a receptionist and waiting room, you can still be super productive in your own tiny home office. (Just as long as you stay away from Facebook and Twitter!)

Right now I’m in love with the trend of turning closets into home offices. You can always find another way to store your clothes, and hey — how did you earn the money to buy those clothes in the first place? Yeah, a working, productive desk FTW.

CasaSugar has a gallery of 10 closets-turned-offices…

And CNN has a gallery too.

Whether it’s for your desktop computer or laptop, a place to pay your bills or to craft and sew, you need to have a good desk. Just like getting dressed in the morning, sitting down at a desk takes you from “slob mode” to “work mode” mentally. Trying to do real work on your laptop while sitting your couch in front of the TV does not lend itself to GTD. But because of your limited space, it’s important to have a desk that does a lil’ something extra.

This DAVE laptop table from IKEA (above) is the epitome of a teeny-tiny desk. Obviously, it’s not meant to hold anything more than a MacBook, but for many people that’s just fine. It’s also small enough to tuck away into a corner when you’re finished. And at only $17.99, it’s inexpensive enough to fit your tiny-ass budget.

Secretary desks are another great way to get away from your work once you’re done. Their defining feature is their hinged door/worktop that allows you to close up shop at the end of the day.

This Graham Smart Technology secretary desk from Pottery Barn is undeniably classic and beautiful. The $799 price tag? Eh… not so much.

For something more playful and modern, PointClickHome found this funky secretary on DesignSpotter. The “Alley” desk, by Swedish designer Isabel Ersa Hallerstedt, is still looking for a producer; I damn well hope someone rises to the task!

Even though the Mayfair Steamer Trunk secretary from Restoration Hardware is worth three months’ rent, I can’t help but love the rich leather and nailhead trim; the interior is so crisp and orderly it looks almost military.

Finally, though not a secretary desk, this Jay Desk and Hutch from West Elm is ingenious; just like other nesting tables, you can pull out the smaller desk underneath to expand your worktop

Your desk is bound to become a magnet for all things electronic, attracting just about everything with a wire, cable, cord, plug, socket, or port. Having a spaghetti-like mess of wires under your desk is not only an eyesore, but it takes up precious room as well. To get your tangles under control, start by labeling each cord (no more praying that you’re not unplugging something essential by accident), bundling cables together and locking them down when you can, wrapping up excess lengths, and hiding it all away.

Cute labels for all of your devices, from Spoon Sisters

Cable Turtles come in just about any size to fit any cable

The WM25 wire stay from Doug Mockett sits on top of your desk and holds those wires that you’re always reaching for

The Cable Box from Blue Lounge is a quick and easy way to neaten up — just pop your existing, messy power strip inside and run the cord through the slot

Once you’re got your office and desk squared away, have a little fun with your accessories. No boring green hanging file folders for you! My faves are definitely See Jane Work and The Container Store. With the right, cute tools, even filing can seem fun. Who says work has to be work?


I hope the “Alley” desk finds a producers, that desk is fantastic and so functional!

Sarah Michelle

i remember the days of my closet office! they were some of the best actually, you feel totally closed off from the world! i was able to get so much done. these are very cute examples here!


Great ideas! I’ve been coveting that steamer trunk for a few months. I just haven’t figured out how to work it into the budget yet …

Stephanie S.

Don’t hate me, but I’m one of the lucky ones who has the luxury of having my own home office. It’s a converted bedroom with a closet, and I’ve been flirting with the idea of using the closet as a built-in desk space, mainly because I love compartmentalized spaces. Thanks for the great inspiration!


I am just in the process of trying to make more space and reorganize my “home office”, a small 10×6 area that I share with my hubbie’s substantial record collection… thanks very much for the great ideas!!!


Wow — thank you for the inspiration and great ideas! I just moved, and finally have a closet large enough to transform into the home office of my dreams…

heather Bulmer

great article. I’m currently designing a minature office space in a restaurant, so this helped out tonnes! thank you

Kay Wade

I have actually created quite a few home offices in closets. Just take the doors off, and build your desk right inside the office. You can also add curtains in the front or use bifold doors so that the center of the space has adequate access.

Isabel Ersa Hallerstedt

Thanks for putting my desk on the blog :) I´m still looking for a manufacturer for my baby. Cross your fingers for me and maybe you will se it produced soon!

Lots of love


I think the wire tidy device are so neat. i definitely want those. Normann Copenhagen also do one that’s a bit of fun – shaped like a dog


The first one in the closet might get me sick. But that sure is very cute and well-designed.


I love everything about office organization. Lots of great ideas here. I have to say I’ve been asking for years for someone to invent the cable turtle! Thank you, finally my dream is fulfilled!


Thanks for the ideas! Ive been wanting to convert a decent size closet in to our home office…I think is genious! :)


There is something so great about having brick walls in a living space. That Mayfair Steamer Truck Secretary is a masterpiece.

Portable Closet

This is the first time I’ve seen a closet get turned into an office. This is pretty cool! Like your own little nook! Thanks for posting this!

T Andrews

Closets turned into an office is a wonderful concept!

Can make a great deal of difference to your working day even if it is from home.