before & after: tyler’s frame + samantha’s chairs

this next before & after really caught my eye for some reason. i really love when people subtly modify something in a way that makes me see a piece in a completely different light- especially if i would have walked right by it before. this george washington frame makeover comes from tyler goodro at plastolux. tyler explained, “i stopped by a antique store the other day not really expecting to find much in my flavor. as I rounded a corner there he was giving me this smirk, and i ignored him. needless to say two days later I went back and took this 60’s 70’s print of george washington home, frame and all for $25. i busted out the acrylics and a paint brush and went to town on the frame. i also replaced the plexi with glass, now it is a little more my flavor – modern!” i really love the way the frame mimics the print itself- and it really does change the feel for me. well done, tyler!

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CLICK HERE for samantha’s chair makeover after the jump!

this next project is artist samantha french‘s first ever upholstery project! samantha’s chair was stripped, cleaned, sanded (she even bought a sander to use on future projects!) and recovered with a lovely charcoal colored geometric print from duralee. i love the little nail-head detailing, the new piece is so sweet and fresh. great job, samantha!


I love before/afters that are really outside of the box like that frame and make me think of ordinary objects in a new way.


Outstanding work on the frame! Brings the painting into the space.


Love the quirkiness of the unfinished frame and painting! :)


What an interesting treatment on the frame. Just shows that you can take almost anything and make it your own.
I love that chair! Really nice choice of fabric, especially with the print above it. What a great first upholstery job! Well done.


The George frame: definitely one of those “Dang, why didn’t I think of that? Dang!” ideas.

Leslie Wiegand

That painting is just my style, and how the bottles and painted frame line-up with the unfinished paint is genius! Inspiring! Is this an old unfinished painting or a modern one? I wonder who the artist is?


Who knew George was a modern-day man!? Love the frame treatment =)


I love the frame so much. Really smart and it looks beautiful.

Chroma Lab

Tyler, that’s brilliant! What a great example of working with something rather than against it. Great job to you, too, Samantha. It looks like you’ll get good use out of that sander!


Wow! I adore the G. Washington re-do. So subtle and yet so creative.

Tyler (plastolux)

Leslie Wiegand, The print is from the 60’s or 70’s. It was one of those that was in every school house, library, and other government buildings. I have seen this large size on eBay before.


That frame is gorgeous. Amazing how it makes George’s face pop out. May have to copy that idea..


Now I want a large framed picture of George Washington, thanks, haha. It looks really cool.


now THAT is a before-and-after on the frame! WONDERFUL! i just love seeing simple yet significant changes. really great concept. genius!


Love the chair. Where did you find that awesome fabric?

Emily henderson

I have that vintage print too!! People thought I was crazy for buying it (8 years ago) but I think it’s so iconic and graphic. George what are you thinking. About?
Nice job, love the frame.


Super Clever!!!! Tyler truly knows how to “keep it modern”


wow, never had this idea. Now all the white pottery beside the picture completely makes sense!


Like Sarah L said, the painting is at the National Portrait Gallery. It was never finished because the painter wanted to keep it as a Washington study for other portraits. As long as he didn’t finish it he didn’t have to give it to Washington.

Sam e.

I have the same print! Scored it at an estate sale last may, instead of re amping the frame (its just a dark brown wood) I gave him a mustache.


Seems unanimous that Tyler knocked the ball out of the park! As for the chair; by itself it’s quite nice. Nice paint job; chic fabric. What I can’t stand is that the fabric “matches” what’s happening in the painting. Way too obvious for me.


That GW frame makeover may be the most clever before&after I’ve seen on d*s! And normally I just glance at the chair makeovers, but this one I had to look twice to see that it was the same chair. Good job y’all!


Como a simplicidade e o minimalismo nas cores e combinações podem arrasar!


Never too many chair makeovers, after all, what do we all sit on!!! These are both beautiful and the frame is also so original. All the makeover people were thinking out-of-the-box. I keep trying to do just that. Thank you Grace

Jennifer Waite

I actually have that exact print sitting over there smirking at me, and I’ve been trying to find a way to fit him into my retro den forever.
Yay! George can stay.


Samantha.. great job…. mentioned it was your 1st job…. how did you learn to upholster?


George isn’t smirking – he’s in pain. I read recently that by that age he had lost many of his teeth and a lot of bone mass in his jaw. The author was commenting about how the shape of George Washington’s face changed over the years in various portraits. Unfortunately I don’t remember what I was reading . . .