before & after: melkorka’s pickled table + 2 chairs

this next before & after trio is dedicated to my favorite combo: tables and chairs. first up is melkorka kjarval of the little big house. melkorka decided to make over this table bottom (see “during” images below) with a new wooden top that she made and then pickled! i don’t often see a pickling process that i like, so i was happy to see the beautiful weathered look that this finished piece has. click here to read more about melkorka’s process- thanks for sharing!

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the first of today’s two chair makeovers comes from graphic designer wade keller in philly. in his spare time, wade rehabs furniture and i thought this chair was a really lovely transformation. the fabric and upholstery job do a nice job of showing off the chair’s cute form, but updating it from the sad green pleather-y fabric from before. well done, wade!

CLICK HERE for melanie’s velvet chair makeover after the jump!

our final chair makeover comes from melanie at plum cushion. melanie had a pair of mid-century slipper chairs with great bones that were upholstered in tattered pink velvet fabric. despite the beat up upholstery and legs that had seen more than their share of dings and cuts, melanie decided to take these guys home for an update. after stripping and refinishing the wood, melanie replaced the springs and foam (with the close supervision of a professional) and re-upholstered them in lee jofa’s “foglia velvet”. you can read more about her lovely re-do right here. thanks for sharing, melanie!


Yes, can someone share what the gray/yellow fabric is? Lovely!

Stacy Jean

Yummy re-dos….I’m just in love with the fabric on the high back chair….can you PLEASE share where that was found? Well done handy folks….you’ve inspired me. I have two chairs begging for my attention that I found on craigslist…can’t wait to get started.


Wow, I love the last set of chairs. That was a great transformation. Very dainty now! I want to learn how to reupholster :(

Adventures in Dressmaking

Now I notice people are asking…
The yellow and grey fabric is from JoAnn’s, in the 45″ home dec fabric section. It is $9.99/yard, 100% cotton, and pretty heavy weight. It comes in lots of coordinating prints, too… =)


I cannot wait to show that table to my boyfriend! We have this great cafe table that could use a facelift just like that.


Love the chairs! It’s amazing what a difference a bit of love and an awesome fabric can make! I can’t wait till I have a place with my own furniture so I can do projects like these.
What sort of time frame does a diy chair re-do like these take?

St. Cristopher

The Slipper Chairs are simply BREATH-TAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Very, very nicely done.

The “Sad Green Vinyl” chair make over is worthy of praise as well. It’s not a sexy as the slipper chairs, but really…what is?

And what’s this? An interesting and creative use of white paint? Why YES! It CAN be done! I love the tulip table with the pickled pine top! Hey, that’s fun to say! “Tulip table with the Pickled Pine Top”. Is that Iambic Pentameter?


wonderful job!
the slipper chairs are especially gorgeous