before & after: maria’s chevron wall + liz’s fabric wall

wall makeovers are some of my favorite projects to post. i love a good chair, but something about totally changing a wide patch of wall is so gratifying and dramatic. d*s reader maria fe of layers of meaning wanted to make over her living room walls with a geometric print, but nothing too overwhelming. so she and her husband settled on a grey and white chevron. after two nights of diligent taping by brad, they painted the chevron pattern on in a single night and the next day- voila! a brand new living room wall. it’s a bold style, but sophisticated enough to fit with the rest of the room, which i love. great work you two!

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CLICK HERE for liz’s fabric wall makeover after the jump!

i love when people get creative with their walls. d*s reader liz used some of her fabric fabric and a little liquid starch to create her own custom “wallpaper” backsplash in the kitchen. liz was kind enough to write out her entire how-to so click here to replicate the look in your home. thanks, liz!


OMG, this is one great DYI job!! I LOVE the wall paint…changed the atmosphere of the whole room completely! Kitchen wallpaper is lovely as well.


Thanks so much for this! I’m planning on doing a fabric wall treatment when I move into my next apartment.


I love the paint job on the way. The subtle color choices were perfect for adding interest without being too busy. The fabric backsplash LOOKS beautiful, but I think I’m too splashy when washing dishes and it wouldn’t hold up well. Very inspiring nonetheless!


This makes me want to run out & buy paint for the walls rather than for a canvas… I love your site. Very inspiring!


This is FABULOUS! I love so many fabric prints…and the kitchen is a great room to start!

Bookmarking this for future reference!


Both of these projects are great, but I’m partial to the chevron. What a great way to add interest to a room.


Is that fabric treatment removable? I’d love to try that in my dull kitchen, but I don’t want to kiss my deposit good-bye.


That is awesome, any idea a) how difficult it would be to remove b) what kind of mess it leaves once it has been taken down and c) how does it hold up to kitchen splatters and stains?


Love the chevron wall. It is just too cool. Great job.


I’m also wondering how practical fabric walls would be in the kitchen? It’s steamy in there, and splatters and stains… eeek! It’s pretty, but kinda seems like a bad idea.

That chevron wall is fantastic!!!


While I love chevron patterns – this gives me such an uneasy/anxious feeling. I don’t know how long I could stay in this room – and feel a sense of relaxation. Well executed though – looks professional.


Yeah, I wonder if you would need to cover the fabric with something to prevent stains. Love the idea! Also, would you cut the fabric slightly long and then use an Exacto knife to touch up the edges after you paste it to the wall?


Both are lovely! I would totally do a fabric wall as an accent somewhere. Perhaps you could cover the backsplash in the kitchen with plexiglass…?


I’ve used fabric and liquid starch on walls before. If they are painted with a flat paint, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone renting, but it can be used on walls painted with latex paint. I am formerly a military wife, and had all kinds of tricks to personalize the plain white walls of base housing!

Nicole : Three By Sea

I see all that blue tape and shudder. I did a square/rectangle pattern on a wall in my living room and in my dining room a few years back. It came out great, but, Man, is that measuring & taping tedious!! Definitely something to try once, but I don’t know I’ll attempt it again in our next house!


The link for the fabric walls isn’t working. Is anyone else having that problem??? Is there another link?


the fabric comes off with the starch method. I’ve done this 3 times in houses!! I love this idea and you can use it to make a decoration on the wall, as well