before & after: emily’s credenza + rj’s frame

we’ve got a PACKED before & after day today so i wanted to kick things off bright and early with emily’s credenza makeover. emily, an art teacher and designer in denver, received this old credenza from her parents’ house and decided to give it a “lighter, cleaner” feel with some new paint, a bold purple interior and 60’s-inspired fabric curtains to match the mid-century form. emily loves the new look how it changes the pieces from “an eye sore to eye candy”. thanks for sharing, emily!

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this next before & after comes from RJ in the philippines. inspired by the before & afters from d*s readers, RJ decided to makeover this vintage frame and painting. finding the painting itself to be too gaudy, RJ turned the frame into a useful bulletin board for the office. a sheet of cork was added to the frame (where the painting used to be) and was covered with a piece of black pinstriped cotton RJ had laying around in the back of a closet. the frame was repainted, the pieces were assembled and voila! a brand new bulletin board. great work, RJ!


makes me wanne go out and find old frames. been looking for good- priced frames for some prints i have. haven’t found anyting but the matt black painted frame looks perfect !


I love the colorful pots that the plants are in on the credenza! They look so retro and fun! Would love to know where Emily got them!

DH Hunter

I have a bunch of frames like that- different project…SO going to do the bulletin board thing. Genius!


I LOVE that white ceramic animal-thingie next to the gorgeous bulletin board! Where is it from?


The fabric idea for the credenza is great! What a simple and inexpensive way to add some color.

Rachael Lachel

I really like the flower pots, thats such an easy twist and it makes a bold statement, might do it this weekend!


nice work RJ. (galing!)

cool transformation on the credenza as well.


I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for some old frames. The set-up looks awesome, good job!


wow! love the corkboard idea and so glad i saw it before going out and buying a typical one. gorgeous!!


THANK YOU! The bull bank looked a lot like this ceramic bull I have…turns out it’s a jonathan adler piece too. I had no idea! thanks to you I now know the true value of my little bull :)


I loved that painting (but not in that frame) Great use of the frame as a pin board.


I LOVE matte black these days. Glossy is nice, but I think matte is chicer. The frame looks great!

maricel pangilinan arenas

how inventive and unexpected! RJ, you have a design eye that sees from a different dimension. more, friend! more! thanks for creating… and inspiring :-)