before & after: busy box + file box makeovers

this next set of before & afters is devoted to one of the most humble forms in design: the box. the first makeover takes on a large scale box- a shed, to be precise- and re-imagines it as something entirely more whimsical. d*s reader kelly parkins in australia sent over this shed makeover that belongs to one very creative teenager. for her 16th birthday, daisy wanted a tin shed (i love that), so her family found the most basic, affordable, flat-packed, 3mx3m shed they could find on ebay. the home’s parking space was donated as a “backyard” site for the shed (daisy’s family uses a local car-share) and the little tin shed was converted into a cool studio space for daisy using furniture and accessories sourced from local streets (including a found pub carpet & windows). and voila! daisy’s “busy box” was born and the world has no doubt found itself another budding artist with a place to be creative. thanks so much to kelly for sharing this project- it’s one of my personal favorites and it makes me so happy to think about a young girl having a special place to be creative and dream…

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CLICK HERE for sherry’s file box makeover after the jump!

d*s reader sherry as also devoted to a box makeover, but on a smaller scale. she found this vintage faux bois file box at a thrift store and decided to give it a good cleaning and upgrade so she could use it in her craft studio. after priming and painting the box white, sherry attached a wooden tag spraypainted with chalkboard paint and it now houses scrapbook paper for sherry. i love how dedicated sherry way to salvaging this box- and that she found a new life for it in her home. well done, sherry!


Love the creative space, but in So. Fl it would be more of a HOT box than anything. cute idea though.
In the second DIY, I guess I would just rather find a white box, then taking the time to paint one. Did the paoint cost more than the box?


A shed addition is a really great idea. You just need some windows and a fan Bernie (but I’m from Michigan so…I don’t know a lot about sunshine ; ) )

Where are the best places to look for a flat packed tin shed?


This 45-year old “young” girl also wants a busy box! That space would unleash the creativity in a hangnail. Really fabulous spot!


Someone has VERY cool parents! I love that they created this space for her. I wonder what the climate is like where they’re at though. Heating a space with no insulation would be horribly costly here…(otherwise I’d snatch this idea in a nanosecond!)


!!!! That busybox studio makes me weep.
Must now plot to get one or at least put sewing room into similar order.


Absolutely gorgeous. I think we’re all wondering, though, about how hot/cold it gets in there… also, any electricity?


i want to be as cool and thoughtful as daisy’s parents! the busy box is the best thing i’ve seen on here


I totally wanted a shed for a studio when I was growing up, I’m glad Daisy was able to realize the dream! Her space is amazing and I love that it was a family effort.


I love this idea! I would totally want this for myself (ok I’ll let the kids in too) I wonder how much one of these shed run..


awesome shed makeover. love that it was a family effort; it definitely shows their support in her creative endeavors :D


Love the Busy Box—and I think it’ll be fine as far as heating and air goes, since it’s basically a take-off on a playhouse or shed, not a full fledged living space like a bedroom or office. In especially cold or hot weather, I’d think she’d just work inside the main house. (Or revel in the plight of being a tortured artist, or course!)


That “busy box” is awesome! My parents nurtured the artist in me, but I think all I ever got was a crayon box! Seriously though, well done, love the inspiration up on the walls.


I’m Daisy’s mum. We went to Reverse Garbage (a local not-for-profit co-operative that sells industrial discards) & bought a giant roll of lining foam. We lined the walls with (it’s what makes the inside look white), so now all the walls are insulated , AND they’re perfect for pinning “stuff” to. It was super easy, & works really well. There is a window, & the double doors open wide. Summer has been fine, don’t know about Winter yet..?
Thanks for nice comments. Daisy is loving it!

Katie (australia)

I knew there had to be an Aussie behind that busy box the minute I saw it! It’s great, I want one too!


ooh Daisy you lucky girl how we all love to find a space of our own! I have to laugh at all the hot cold comments – they are in Australia; so when her Mum says summer has been fine remember their summer is our winter – and they don’t get snow and see how daisy is dressed so no not cold… and when she says not sure how winter will be, she means because it is hot and hotter than what we all think a hot summer would be!

Jennifer M-S

Could Daisy be any cuter? I think I asked for a music box for my 16th b-day.

Linda Blackmore

I love this, but I want to see more pictures–inside and and outside. More!!!!


For years I have been a lover of sheds, especially the Rubbermaid Max series. Easy to put up and totally protects the contents from the weather! But I never thought about using one to work in! I love it and am already staking out my garden for the perfect spot! Thanks for idea and touche to Daisy’s parents!

Urban Sherp

Absolutely love this – so fun. Thinking I could fit one of these into our 150sq. back yard – perfect summer office!


update: Daisy spends sooo much time in the busybox, I have to make her come in to tell me that she’s home (I kept thinking that she was not back from school). It’s a very successful work room that anyone could achieve. Give it a go!