kuehn keramik + dos family homes

good morning! i wanted to start today with these beautiful new pieces from kuehn keramik at horne. i love their metallic teacups and saucer ($85-$90) and these sweet patterned bavarian forest bags ($55-$75). click here to shop the full kuehn collection at horne…

yesterday and today the lovely ladies of dos family have been kind enough to invite us inside their beautiful homes. monday morning we got a peek at guest blogger jenny’s home, and today jenny’s giving us a tour of her blogging partner isabelle’s home. click here and here to check out their homes and the playful way they integrate their children’s artwork into each home…

Sarah Sarniak

I love the chandelier “shade” that’s really cool. But I wonder if it would be too bright when it’s on though. ~ Sarah queenofdiy.com


I too love the squirrel lamp. Was this a special vintage find or can I purchase one too? Thanks.


Me too! I adore that squirrel lamp! Squirrels hold a very special place in my heart. I would love the source on that one. Thx!


squirrels are my absolute favorite things in the world. needless to say, that lamp is AMAZING.

Jenny at Dos Family

Hello everyone! Since Isabelle is in Thailand, enjoying the beach , I will try to answer.
Sarah Sarniak: The “naked” lamp s very popular here in Sweden. You have to buy a soft bulb, that is not very bright.

And about the squirrel. I think she has bought it at the swedish store “Åhlens” and it is a while back. I don´t think it it available anymore.

Have a great day



that squirrel lamp is awesome! my new mission – to find one!


I’ve never in my life wanted anything as much as I want the squirrel lamp.


I instantly fell in love with the wall made of random collections of white tiles. Thanks Dos Family!


I want the squirrel lamp!!! Love the black eucalyptus in the vase too. Fun house!


I can confirm that the lamp is Swedish, designed by Emmanuel Rylander (also happens to be my boyfriend’s brother), and unfortunately isn’t available anymore!