zipper cups and pumpkin bowls

if you’re a tea drinker like me, you may find yourself occasionally fishing your way into a hot cup of liquid trying to find the tail-end of your teabag string. i don’t enjoy bubbling hot liquid on my skin, so i smiled when i saw these sweet ceramic “zipper” cups at show in LA. each one has a little zipper design on the side that serves as both decoration and a little notch to hold your tea string. each set of 2 cups comes with 2 zipper coasters (for $44 total), so you can enjoy tea together. click here for more info and to buy.

last but not least, i can’t resist these shiny little pumpkin bowls by daniel reynolds at the manos shop. each one is hand-cast in porcelain and would be perfect for holding special things like jewelry, or something more everyday like loose change or keys. i can’t help but wonder how they’d look mounted, gold part out, on a wall in a huge arrangement. all that gold shine is so beautiful. click here for more information and to shop ($122 each).


absolutely LOVE the pumpkin bowls. so elegant and simple. would love to see those bowls in a wall arrangement!

Lindsey Lou!

I actually might buy those zipper cups because I drink a lot of tea and those darn strings always fall in my cup. Very clever, those cups are! Clever indeed.


Oh, gotta have those cups. I frequently have to dive for the tea bag string. It always annoys the hell out of me.

By the way, I LOVE your blog.