welcome, bbb craft sisters!

today i’m thrilled to welcome a very special trio to the d*s guest blog: amy, sarah and anna blessing. the blessing sisters run a beautiful site called bbb craft where they share their love of handmade skills like knitting, needlepoint, crocheting, paper arts and collage. in addition to their work with a retail shop in santa monica and chicago, the blessing sisters spend their spare time creating lovely things and sharing them on their website. though i enjoyed growing up without siblings, when i hear about sisters, or any family members, joining together to create something special like this i’m always happy (and a tiny bit envious) that they let people like us in on their fun. so i’m thrilled to welcome amy, sarah and anna to the d*s guest blog this week where they’ll be sharing all sorts of crafty ideas.

today the bbb craft sisters will be focusing on nature-crafts, like these beautiful pinecones, coasters and branch lighting. click here to check out their full post and more great nature-inspired craft ideas.


Wow!! I love, love, LOVE the organic feel of their work. (Those pinecones! Thanks for the introduction to bbb craft — off to check out their website. :)


the bbb craft link is not working. i even googled their names and i cant find their website/blog

help, i would love to see more.


I love it all! What a beautifully talented family! I’m obsessed with that light fixture! I want one…if only it would fit in my TINY Manhattan bedroom. Cannot wait to see more!