we like it wild: we heart flowers

Avoid adding to the glut of office chocolate and candy hearts this Valentine’s Day by bringing a bit of of the outside in. You don’t need to be head-over-heels in love with someone to add some sweetness and color to their day, and these bite-sized arrangements are guaranteed brighten up any cubicle.

We recycled a heart-shaped box to use as our tray (spray-painted white) and mini tins as our candy cups (we found ours in the baking section of Bed, Bath and Beyond and spray-painted them gold). Once your paint has dried, arrange the cups in your box the way that candy would sit in a candy box. Add a small amount of water to each cup, enough to keep your stems wet but not so much that they’ll spill over on the drive to work. Choose a few scoops of your favorite flowers to artfully distribute to the tiny cups. The nice thing about this project is that you can use smaller flowers that are sometimes too small and delicate to work into large arrangements. Cut short stems and sort them into the cups. We used narcissus, quince blossoms, and ranunculus but any small flowers will do fine. Add the lid and secure with a ribbon. Be careful transporting them and be sure to keep the box level (that’s why we kept the water low).

Pass out the mini-arrangements or let your coworkers choose their favorite ones. The arrangements may only last a few days, but that’s a few days more than a box of candy would last and with so fewer calories. Don’t forget to save one for your desk, too!

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What a cute idea! I don’t really care for boxes of chocolate anyway… this is much better!


Idea: perfect. Styling: perfect. Can you hear my heart cracking open with love for this idea??


This is amazing. I passed this around to a bunch of people. Everyone loves it.


Oh, goodness, this is a beyond fabulous idea! So much prettier and more original than a box of lame Walmart chocolates.


Wow – Such a BRILLIANT IDEA!!! I love it! Forget the formal bouquets – this heart-shaped box with little beauties is the real thing!

Thanks so much for the photos and the idea!!!

– Marija


I immediately thought of my Mother In Law — she would love this — like for her birthday or Valentine’s Day. This is so unique! Love it!


i LOVE this — since our office is usually bursting with sugary stuff, this is a healthy but still day-brightening alternative. any ideas on how to make this more unisex?


This is one of the sweetest, non-cheesiest ideas I have ever seen for Valentine’s Day. Studio Choo ladies – you are always inspiring!


I wouldn’t worry about trying to make this more unisex. I would guess most fellows would enjoy a little bouquet on their desk on Valentine’s Day too!


At first glance I thought what beautiful Marzipan Sculptures.