wayside violet + fold chair

on cold mornings like this one, it takes everything i have to get up and going. but a nice hot cup of coffee or tea often helps the process. and if that cup of coffee was dressed up with a bow-tie sweater? even better. i know it’s unabashedly girly, but sometimes i need a little girlyness in my mornings- because if it makes me smile, it helps me start the day off on the right foot. if you could use a little bow-love in your morning routine, click here to pick up one of jessica goodman’s cozies ($15) at waysideviolet on etsy.

if my cup of tea doesn’t do the trick, this bright orange ‘fold’ chair from design student nina bruun at the danish design school in copenhagen will certainly do the trick. nina’s finished chair is being shown at the stockholm furniture fair and reminds me of one of my favorite bouroullec designs, their cloud tiles for kvadrat. nina used bright orange segments that connect to each other as an homage to both scandinavian and japanese folding designs. the chair itself is made of plywood, with six plastic segments upholstered in wood felt. i love the idea of a chair folding around you as you sit, so i’m excited to see if nina ends up producing and selling things in stores. fingers crossed. until then, you can check out more of nina’s work right here. thanks, nina!


I love the bow-tie cozy! What a cute idea :) And I love the fold chair! It looks beautiful!!!

Ronique Gibson

That bow tie sweater cozie is soo cute! It makes me want to be a coffee drinker (but I’m not!) :o(

That fold chair is ingenious.. it looks cool, reminds me of the peels of an orange, and it’s functional! Too chic! LOVE IT! It’s almost like a big hug chair!


That coffee cup cozie is too cute! The plain cable knit she has in her Etsy store is also adorable. Either one would certainly make the day brighter!


A little girliness in the form of a bow-tie cozy would make me happier to start my day, too.