under $100: vases

i bought myself a little bouquet of flowers from nicolette‘s flower brooklyn flower stand this past weekend and found myself wandering the house, unsuccessfully, for the perfect vase to hold them. i settled on my favorite pickle jar, but found myself wishing i’d had something a little more grown-up to house them. i’m all for using jars for flowers (it’s what i do most times), but every now and then it’s nice to have something special to pull out for a change. so i thought i’d go through my favorite shops to find great vases, all under $100. normally bud vases, etc are well under $100, but handmade vases can really get up there, so i’ve done my best to make sure all of the handmade options are under $100. so if you’d like to support an independent artist with your vase purchase, there are plenty of great ideas in here to help you with that- on a budget. enjoy!

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[image above, clockwise from top left: trophy vase $65, perch vase $64, arbor trunk vase $24.99, bomb vase $52, farm vases $1.99 each, coral vase $14.95, black vase cover $15 (love this), hanging flower vases $28, breakers vase $69.95, vase breakfast tray $92, carnaby vase $48, lab vase $19.13, persimmon vases $32+, ingenus vase $9.95, carnaby vase $68, tank u bud vase $75]

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[image above, clockwise from top left: aluminum vases $19+, hawthorne vase $88, wooden vases $15+, opal vases $19+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: galvanized bud vase set $29, bunny vases $38+, siri vases $58+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: lorena barrezueta nuptial vase $110 (worth the extra $10), rustic white vases $29+, alyssa ettinger porcelain milk bottle vases $30]

[image above, clockwise from top left: shelf vase $38 at etsy, earth white vessel $50 at etsy, chalkboard vase $27, signe vase $110 (worth the extra $10, karin’s work is lovely in person)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: metals and petals vase $20, yumiko vase $30, heath ceramics vase $80, carnaby vase $68]

[image above, clockwise from top left: tine k vase $15, set of 2 bird vases $27, sweetheart vase $30, transglass vase $60, tina frey vase $100]

Megan Dempsey

Oh, lovely!!! As a florist I’ve been looking for some extra special vases. I love the Jonathan Adler yellow one for spring – must have!


Excellent post, what a great resource. I especially love the galvanized bud vase set from Pottery Barn. Thank you for finding reasonable prices!


hi grace, these are great – just think of the possibilities with spring around the corner!

i didn’t see a link for the yellow shelf and mason jar, do you know where that came from? love it!


I Love the Chalkboard Vases–those would be a very unique teacher gift! Definitely have a TON of vases to choose from-glad to see Target in the mix!


Alright, I love about a million of them, but the one that immediately caught my eye: how sweet is that little yellow breakfast tray? Great idea.


Love the round up!! I have the Hawthorne vase from Horne holding a branch from a magnolia tree as we speak… er type. It’s sooo beautiful.


Love this! Curious about the four little vases in the fifth photo…black, terra cotta, white, & ivory…there’s no info about them. Any idea where they’re from? Thanks!



i did a mirror roundup a while back, but they’re tough to find under $100. i’ll see if i can find an update ;)



I love the galvanized bud vase, but Pottery Barn no longer has them available. Would love a sub.
The Rug Designer’s Studio


I love this roundup! I’ll just humbly add a bud vase that my own studio has just completed, with a pattern that’s inspired by the ornamentation on the 19th century buildings in our neighborhood. It’s in our Etsy store.


These are all FABULOUS! There’s no excuse for giving flowers in an ugly vase that looks like it came free from 1-800 flowers!



agreed. those tall glass ones are my least favorite.

that said, i actually use the MS flowers section of 1800 flowers a lot when i don’t know a good local florist for someone. you can request pretty quite silver mint julep vases or sometimes decorative white bamboo/caning vases that are pretty decent.



Great round up! The vases I liked the best are the ones that don’t seem to have any info (as LG noted). Can you put up a link, please?

LG said: February 17th, 2010 – 8:58 am
“Love this! Curious about the four little vases in the fifth photo…black, terra cotta, white, & ivory…there’s no info about them. Any idea where they’re from? Thanks!”


Have you done a wall clock roundup? I searched but I couldn’t find it.


while these are charming, and i appreciate that you have a variety of prices here, the “vases for under $100″ subject is a bit bothersome to me. I mean, vases aren’t something I’m hard pressed to find for under $100, you know? My favorite vase was 50 cents at a church fair.

I’d love to see these round-ups around a price/item pairing that was more helpful/thrifty.



did you read my intro? i addressed this issue clearly and explained that i would try to focus on handmade vases as much as possible- which are normally well above $0.50 cent prices. yes, you can buy fleamarket items for cheap prices- and we whole-heartedly support that. but these roundups are designed to show you something different- something handmade or something special- beyond the obvious “oh i could buy that for $1 at my flea market”



I always need new resources for finding vases and this post made it so very easy. Thanks for the info.
I love the variety of pieces. They inspire me to use them in new projects. Love the siri vases the most!!!