Stockholm Design Week: WIS Design

Hello! I am Emma Fexeus and I am happy to have been invited by Grace to be the guestblogger of the week! I normally hang out on my own blog emmas designblogg, where I post about Scandinavian style, with a focus on stylists and photographers. This week I would like to share my favorite designers with you, the ones that just keep delivering good stuff that keeps sneaking into my posts in between all the interior shots… Last week was Stockholm Design Week (, so I found all these new products that I think you will like!

I found WIS Design in 2006, when the two members, Anna Irinarchos and Lisa Widén, were still students at Beckmans School of Design. I went to their examination show and totally fell in love with the kitchen Anna had designed! It’s called Gallery and is now in production by Swedish kitchen manufacturer Marbodal. Since then WIS has been one of the brightest burning stars on the Swedish design scene, working for some of the biggest producers like Svenskt Tenn and Design House Stockholm.

WIS Design brings a freshness and creativity to all their products which makes every new thing they launch a total surprise! You never know which direction they will take next, but you can trust them to always be on the forefront of Swedish design.

The photos here shows their brand new products, launched on Stockholm Design Week just a few days ago.

Croquet stools is a series of stools made of metal tube-knots and wooden sticks. The metal fittings add colorful stripes to the sticks as a recollection of our childhoods croquet.

Box storage system A piece of furniture aimed for storage and room dividing. It’s built up by boxes you twist, turn and stack as you see fit. 
You decide what expression you want to create. The materials are painted ash, aluminium and industrial felt.

Flip Flop, a decorative metal hook rail and/or news stand. Use only one or put a number in a row and the formation of a long “lace” will occur on the wall. It’s easy to change the expression by flipping hooks up or down. Flip Flop is available with three, six or 14 hooks, black or snow white.

Funnel is a series of lamps inspired by old time street lamps. The floor lamp complements your easy chair – like reading under the streetlight glow. Funnel Lamp is also available as a table, wall and pendant lamp.

Manu Mitre

I found out about Emma’s blog here at D*S and since then it’s been an everyday must-read for inspiration and deeper understanding of interior design.
It’s so good to see the whole world working together, despite the language and distance.
Congratulations D*S and Emma!


Same here! I’ve discovered emmas designblogg a while back and I’ve been inspired to visit frequently. It’s so neat to see you Emma guest-hosting – your fresh perspective is always very invigorating.

Michelle from Holley & Gill

With so much going on, Emma’s blog has meant true escapism for me. It is a place where design is pure, simple and genuine like she is. Thank you both Emma and Grace for collecting imagery that evokes the most fantastic and comforting emotions for all of us to be inspired by.