by The BBB Craft Sisters


sarah was hosting a little cocktail party recently and realized that she was without a single coaster and was inspired to come up with something. these coasters are made from a thick painting drop cloth (unused, the best heavy duty canvas). we cut out circles, stamped them and then pick stitched the edges with embroidery thread. this was so easy and the stamping possibilities are endless! we also thought it would be fun to draw silhouettes and names on them.

sock animals

not just for kids! amy and sarah started making these luxe sock animals with cashmere socks that they sell in their store, and they started selling the animals themselves too, which literally flew out the door. the animals even took part in a men’s fashion show! a comforting gift for a friend, or just super cute sitting together in your home. so easy, thanks to the great patterns from sock and glove by miyako kanamori.

needlepoint kit

our sister-in-law wanted to learn to needlepoint and it gave us the idea to give these beautiful needlepoint kits. all of our friends wanted them to stitch their initials for a pillow or to frame. we all recently started needlepointing again—it’s so easy, and there are no nasty directions to keep up with so you can watch a movie or have a conversation while you stitch!

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  • AWESOME! that cotton dropcloth fabric is my favorite–i use it for everything! i really love how your coasters turned out. thank you for sharing!

  • proud owner of a darling sock animal (delighted to live near the sister’s store). and just a tip, if you beg….they will do argyle :)

  • I’m intrigued, how do you get such neat stamping (like on the needlepoint ‘tools’ bag and on yesterdays post about jars)? It almost looks like the linen has gone through the printer. What’s your secret? Really enjoying all the gift ideas btw.

  • Hi Jill!

    With the needlepoint bags and the canvas tags yesterday, we used iron-on transfers. Design your text/graphic on the computer, flip it, print it, and iron on! One of our favorite tricks :)


  • Love the coasters made from drop cloths! I have so many of these from all my painting projects. Always trying to think of ways to repurpose them. What clever girls!

  • When visiting Marfa, TX last fall, I met this wonderful woman and her family in her new embroidery shop. She sells kits online and hosts parties in store. Go visit!

  • Amazing girls!!!Who is your father? I hear about your mother BUT what an amazing father you must have! Was all that talent and creativity ONLY from the mother?

  • those are the cutest sock animals i have ever seen… they usually freak me out :) where can i get them? or at least the pattern? thanks!

  • I love the coasters and am going to try to make some for my wedding in May. A few questions, though. For the “stamp” did you use the iron on transfer system? Do you need to purchase transfer paper (from HP or somewhere else) in order to do this?


  • hi bethann,

    thanks! for these coasters, we actually stamped right on the coasters, but the iron-on transfers would be great for this, especially if you have a specific image in mind. it definitely gives you more flexibility as you can pretty much iron-on anything!

    yes, you need to purchase iron-on transfer paper for this project. a few companies make it (we used hp)– check out amazon.com for several options.

    best wishes for your wedding!