stephanie levy + normann copenhagen

by Grace Bonney

good morning! it’s snowy and white here in brooklyn this morning, so i thought it would be nice to start the day with a bright dash of color. these new city-inspired collages from stephanie levy in germany are cheerful, full of color and pattern, and affordably priced. each piece is inspired by the style and colors of a city, like florence, nice (below), moscow (above), corsica, prague, and dublin (below). stephanie is selling her originals for $65 each, and is also offering limited edition prints of each piece for $28. i’m partial to that rich red moscow print below, but there’s bound to be a city and color palette that works for everyone. click here to check out (and shop) stephanie’s newest series on etsy.

over at the d*s guest blog, emma is walking us through some of normann copenhagen‘s newest offerings from stockholm design week- click here to check out her post!

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