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sneak peek: vynsie law

by Amy Azzarito

vynsie law lives in a classic tudor cottage that was built in 1929 in east dallas – her neighborhood, hollywood heights, was one of  the first conservation districts in dallas. in november, vynsie, together with her family, opened a design shop/gallery/workshop called we are 1976, which focuses on supporting and promoting dallas’s creative talent. her love for an eclectic mix of bold colors and patterns, stems from her work as a graphic designer. when she’s not meeting new artists or organizing workshops and classes, vynsie loves to just chill at home with jamie, a 13-year-old beagle, nine, an 8-month-old puppy, and wednesday, a grey kitty! {thanks, vynsie!} amy a.

[One of the experiences that changed my life was visiting the pubs in England. Wonderful and charming places full of history where you can reconnect with old friends, have a good laugh, share some of the best conversations, and make new friends with people from all over the world. I’m not decorating my home to look like a pub, but definitely want it to feel as fun, open, relaxed, and comfortable as one.  It makes me so happy that my five year old nephew loves coming over and he feels completely free and comfortable here.

photo above: Almost all the bedding was either knitted or sewed by my Mom. I’ve had the pink cover (over the headboard) since I was 5 years old. The red prints on the wall is from London’s If You Could. Twenty-one internationally renowned illustrators, responded to the theme, ‘If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?’ Great question and really inspiring answers.]

[photo above: I got the card catalog from one of the most interesting antique shops in Dallas called White Elephant. I had originally picked it for our shop, but ended up keeping it for myself! The leather satchel is from one of the second-hand market stalls from Portabello Road in London.]

[photo above: The bright blue and the olive green paint scheme was inspired by an illustration from Eleanor Grosch, Push me Pull You Design. (See Eleanor’s peek here!) I heard her speak at a DSVC lecture last year and loved her whimsical color combinations. One of my post treasured possessions is the vintage suitcase at the foot of the bed, which I found in New Orleans 10 years ago. It’s been with me everywhere. I sewed the curtains from some old sheets and terry cloth fabric.]

[photo above: I was really excited when I was able to install the wallpaper in my home. It’s from Graham and Brown. It just changed the entire feel of my home. A little traditional, but bright and bold. The cat print is from skateboarding company Enjoi, which I got at LA gallery, HVW8. A smoking cat!]

CLICK HERE for more of Vynsie’s home and all the photos on one page!

[photo above: This print is probably the most asked about item in my home. It’s hilarious and has amazing typography. It depicts the circle of life for graphic designers and I got it in London from design agency Johnson Banks. Probably one of my favourite sayings in it is “beat up your client in a meeting” and right next to it is “become a sculptor”. The white chair in the dining room was a great find from Again and Again, who reupholstered the chair beautifully (with IKEA fabric that was $2.99/yard!)]

[The table is an amazing find from, FORM, a great second-hand mid-century modern furniture shop 4 doors down from our shop.]

[Because my house is very old, the front of the house by the fireplace and front door, which is suppose to be the living room, is very drafty and cold. So, I swapped the rooms. The living room is actually the dining room and vice versa.  I love how cozy my living room feels now.]

[photo above: That’s Nine my giant 8 month old bull mastiff puppy. He goes to work with me everyday at the shop. There have been many occasions where our customers come in just to see him! The great chalkboard pull-down map is from a lovely antique shop in Dallas called Curiosities. It’s still has the perfect teacher cursive handwriting on some of the states!]

[photo above: The “I sold my soul and it feels so good” print was a free poster from the British graphic design magazine Creative Review and the agency behind it is Mother.]

[The little turquoise knobs are from Anthropologie. And, the mirror is from IKEA which I repainted yellow.]

[photo above: This desk is my favourite piece of furniture in my home. It’s an architect’s desk that my Mom got for my Dad when he use to be an engineer. The table top angles up and my brother and I use to do our Chinese language lessons on it with my mom when we were in elementary school. I use it as my sewing table, now. The chair use to be my parents old dining room chair, which I reupholstered with IKEA fabric; I’ve practically wrapped my house in IKEA fabric because I love the patterns and the price!]

[photo above: This is one place where I did make my house look like a pub. One of the first things I did when I moved in was paint all the molding black, something I saw in many pubs in London. I loved how graphic and bold this looked.]

[photo above: When I moved into my house, it was painted a beautiful sage green, but because of the trees, it was very dark inside. So, my wonderful dad and uncle helped me paint it bright bright white and I spray painted the handles red.]

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  • The transition of colors between rooms are fantastic; I especially love the yellow patterned wall paper.

  • So exciting! I live in Dallas, and We Are 1976 has been such a great (and much needed) addition to the city’s artistic community. They’ve also just started having workshops (I attended one this past weekend on zine-making), which is also really awesome. Nice to see them featured on one of my favorite sites!

  • i love old card catalogs! i work at a library and have been wanting to get my hands on one since — they are rare in libraries now though!

  • Really digging the yellow wallpaper in the dining room, really brightens up the room. Very jealous of that fabulous card catalog and that cat print is adorable!

  • Love the blue and green in the bedroom. Very unexpected and pretty. And now I’ll be obsessing over the card catalog. I need one for my very own.

  • I love the yellow and the grey wallpaper!! Seriously, these are my two favorite colors for decorating now. Kind of dreary but sleek and modern grey with a POP of cheery yellow, loves it!

  • you’ve done an incredible job on your home. so many fun details and originality. who doesn’t love a gal who goes to a pub for (some) inspiration?

  • Love the dining chairs! Where are they from? I just got a new custom dining table and am on a search for the perfect chairs.

  • I would love to live here! Everything has such a great fusion of feminine masculinity. Don’t take that the wrong way :). My boyfriend would love this home as much as I do, it caters to both sexes. I love it!!!


  • I LOOOVE this sneak peak, mostly for the cozy feel and lived in atmosphere that she’s created. I really like nice clean, uncluttered spaces, but to me, nothing beats a house that feels like a home. Very inspiring!

  • What a great place. You have an incredible eye for all of it- pattern, color, witty posters. I think I’d like to read all your books too. Question- Are you happy with the durability of the IKEA fabric for the chair. Got a cute little sofa that I’d love to redo with IKEA but not sure it holds up.

  • Beautiful, perfect home. Really great. In addition to now being tempted to paint my molding black, I would love to know the color of the olive green paint — can you please tell me the brand and shade?

  • I adore your home and especially that large poster about the life of a graphic designer, its so true. I have to get my hands on one!

  • Cool place Vynsie! Truly original. Love the wall color, wallpaper, artwork… I’m so envious. Your kitchen is adorable.

  • i love vynsie’s house! so fun and inspiring.

    and i can attest as a fellow Dallasite that We Are 1976 is fantastic!!!

  • I’m beyond jealous of the card catalog. I just can’t take it anymore, I’m going to have to start saving up for one. I used to spend HOURS in the library when I was younger. When they first replaced the card catalog with the computer terminals – I was so sad.

  • I get so excited to see people in sneak peak with big dogs! I have a big dog and i feel how hard it is to design interiors with his bigness in mind! Hah

  • Love the combination of color and pattern. This is the house I would have if I did not have to compromise with a husband. I wish there was a picture of your beagle, I have 3 and one who is 14. They love posing (sleeping) on the furniture.

  • I love this site, and that bedroom is part of the reason why. I love it, and covet it, and know that I could never have come up with anything remotely similar. The colors are amazing! Thank you for giving us this “peek”!

  • This is truly beautiful, and inspiring. I love that it’s a mix of much-loved family things, new design and antiques.
    And, may I say without being misinterpreted, it’s also good to see a home that belongs to one person. I find it hard sometimes when every home view I see on design blogs is by a couple, and it’s “we” this and “we” that.
    I live alone, and I appreciate getting to see homes where sisters (or brothers) are doing it for themselves.
    More please!

  • Great house! I am also local to Dallas and just stopped by your fabulous shop a couple of weeks ago. Totally rad.

  • Hello everyone,
    Thank you so so much for all the kind and generous words! I really appreciate it.

    Some answers to questions:

    The green paint in the bedroom is Jungle Trail and the blue is Aqua Spray. Both are from Behr.

    The dining chairs are from an amazing shop called 2nd hand shop FORM. Just tracked down their website: http://www.1stdibs.com/furniture_search.php?FRID=ZGrGZ5lrlpmY

    The IKEA fabric is really durable. It’s a thick cotton canvas and has held up very well. Might not go with white next time, but it’s quite easy to clean.

    Thank you and high-five!
    vynsie (jamie, wednesday and nine)

  • The card catalog is so great! I wish I could get my hands on one of those. Hmmm….I’ll be checking ebay right about now …………….

  • You have amazing color sense! I love that you have taken your knowledge and talent in art and used those same ideas inside your house. So many people don’t realize that interior design is also art. Your space is a great lesson in using color, texture and pattern correctly. I truely enjoyed your space and am inspired by it. Great job!

  • I lOVE this house!!! So glad to see someone from Dallas featured on this site! Its nice to be able to go to the stores people suggest. Thanks for sharing and I’m sure I’ll be in your store and FORM soon!!!

  • there are so many things i love about this sneak peek! the library card catalog is amazing – it makes me want to search antique shops for one! also, i really love the bold paint colors mixed together with the patterned wallpapers.

  • Love idea of old books stuck at bed end, and that multidrawer chest is absolutely gorgeous. But my favorite is Johnson Banks chair. I am actually not so much in patterns but this chair is just awesome.
    And just to say about your site – (I am 1st time here) I love it, and it will be interesting to many of our customers, we often get question about design ideas and its for a first time I see a site that truly have great design ideas that can be achieved without breaking bank and show beauty of home from its natural practical and comfortable view

  • YAY! I was just in your store over the weekend (which should be featured on a sneak peek because its awesome)…beautiful home!!