sneak peek: max wanger


photographer max wanger, and his lovely fiancee, margaux (who works for giant robot magazine and shoots with max on the weekends) searched for over a year before they found their bright & colorful 1940s art deco apartment in west hollywood. now, after 5 very busy months of work and travel, it’s finally starting to come together and feel like home. with a wedding of their own coming up in may, and numerous work trips already planned, taking full advantage of home sweet home is now more important than ever. don’t miss the full post below (including the sweet story of how max proposed to margaux), tons of additional images here, and more of max’s work here, and on his blog here. {thanks max and margaux!} -anne

[above: the paper wall hangings behind our bed are tord boontje’s “until dawn.” we got them from the moma store in nyc and decided to tack them up behind our bed to add a little more whimsy and charm to the room. my brother and his wife have an amazing place in brooklyn and have these covering one of the walls in my niece’s playroom. they inspired us to do something similar.]

our living room is still a work in progress. the collage behind our couch is a growing collection of art. the couch is from room service and the coffee table is from ikea.

one of our favorite things about our living room is how bright it is. the grey chair is a replication of some famous designer’s work, i wish i knew who. we picked it up from a really nice couple off of craigslist a few years ago. the trumpet print was made by a family friend, rod dyer, who is a pretty amazing graphic designer and restauranteur. the credenza was left behind by the girl who lived in the apartment before us — and it’s lined with old family photos and various goodies that we’ve collected along the way. the stool was a flea market find.

the cow print is by our friend (and extremely talented photographer), sharon montrose. we’re kind of obsessed with her work. the fiberglass chair is from modernica. the poufs are from urban outfitters. the danish mid-century credenza was found on craigslist. the pebble rug (from west elm) not only brightens up the room, but also provides a pretty great foot massage.

we love the black & white floor tiles in our kitchen. we ordered the blanca gomez prints over a year ago and finally had them framed to display on the wall. we love her work, it makes us happy. the wood cart was a great addition from ikea.

CLICK HERE for 12 more images of Max’s home after the jump!

this is our makeshift dining room/margaux’s office. we had the noguchi lantern installed when we moved in. the mid-century table and chairs were a craigslist find and we had the chairs reupholstered with a teal vintage tweed fabric. the bikes are made by a company called “linus” in venice. they’re perfect for leisurely rides around the neighborhood and trips to the farmer’s market on sunday.

this is the office. a bit cramped right now (somehow we’ve already outgrown our new place!), but it gets the job done. the couch is a hand me down from modernica, the pillow is by one of our favorite artist’s (david choe) and the circle rug is from anthropologie. the “max” frame in the corner is actually a max roach album cover. i had seen it in a magazine a long time ago and had to have it. after months of searching, my godparents actually surprised me with it for my birthday. oh, and the much needed organizational racks are from the container store. not the prettiest, but absolutely necessary!

the red bookcase is from ikea. it’s filled with photography books, magazines, old cameras and a few of my favorite vinyl figures. 8 is one of my lucky numbers — i picked this one up from threepotatofour.

this is desk number 2 in the office. it was hard to find a desk big enough to hold the computer and a lamp, but small enough to fit in this room. there’s an old antique store around the corner from us and i spontaneously stopped in one day and found it. the wood art piece with the basketball players is one of my favorite things — i bought it from a guy in new york who was selling his work on the street. it’s pretty rad up close. my dad (an artist in his younger days) made the prints that are sitting on top of it.

another sharon montrose print in the corner. the type drawer filled with knick-knacks is from ebay. i collect vinyl figures and toys and they’re scattered all over the office.

part of the boards behind my desk. just a collection of stuff over time — including old polaroids, postcards, inspirational photos and a few of my favorite bearbricks perched on top.

our place is pretty old — and that’s part of what we love about it. it has charm and imperfections. this is a look into our bathroom…

the first thing you see when you walk in the door. our little friends are from anthropologie.

a print of mine that we haven’t figured out what to do with yet. sometimes leaning things against a wall can be the perfect solution.

this is margaux’s little jewelry corner. full of jars and bowls and odds and ends that she has collected over the years. the “marry me” print was something i gave to margaux when i proposed last year in hawaii. i made her a book of wishes for 2009 — individual wishes printed on pieces of paper — for example, one of the wishes was for a new home, one of the wishes was for a trip to japan, one of the wishes was simply for happiness. the very last wish was for an original david choe art piece (one of our favorite artists). she turned the page and that’s when she saw the “marry me” — which i had asked david choe to draw at a store signing he did in LA a few months before. when she saw the “marry me,” i got down on one knee.

muji’s new york in a bag. paris is on another window sill. and tokyo is up on my type drawer. i’m always surrounded by my 3 favorite cities in the world.

this heart piece was a valentine’s day gift to margaux — it’s by sarah and bendrix and was found on etsy . i discovered it on a blog.


I love Max Wanger’s work. So nice to see how our inspirations live! Love all the personal details and that pebble rug! Thanks for sharing, Max and Margoux. Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

kristín Eva

A beautiful home, full of warmth and imagination. I really like all the framed artwork and photos, it’s like a mini gallery. And the pigeon print is really cool.


What a great house: filled with personality and not too perfect. The purple pillow in the first shot is gorgeous!


Lovely home Max & Margoux — and best of luck with your upcoming wedding!
ps. huge fan of your work!


Beautiful! Also, what is the name of the Ikea coffee table?

DC Sarah

i am really loving everything that’s going on in this home, as well as the narrative. what a great proposal! congrats to you two and enjoy your beautiful home!


I agree, the pillows in the first shot are lovely.

I can’t believe your cat leaves the paper wall hangings alone. My cat would be ALL over those.

Jane Flanagan

Such a beautiful and personality-filled home. I live in an art deco building too and adore that style.

I love how you’ve let art drive your decorating style. It works so well!


I love Sharon Montrose as well, but I just lurk at her etsy page. I want a whole wall of her work! I love the teal, gray, red that is throughout the house. I have a blank wall right when you walk in my apartment as well, thanks for validating my urge to put coat hooks there!

Kate's Paper Goods

I can’t think of anything lovlier to look at on a monday morning! What a beautiful home– thank you for sharing!

oh, and I am absolutely loving tord boontje’s wall hanging above the bed. a-mazing.


loving the paper wall hangings, sarah and bendrix, and the little maxes from where the wild things are.


I LOVE max’s work. he’s one of my biggest photography influences and I love his style in all regards. thanks for showing us his (and Margeaux’s) daily style.


I love love the style in their home. It speaks perfectly for what I would like to have in our little apartment. So sleek and homey all at once!


I love those pillows too! I hate when rooms get too matchy-matchy. Using all different pillows is a great idea. Where are they from?


I would love to say i have zero comment, however I cant. Your good taste goes far beyond the lens.

Melissa de la Fuente

What a beautiful home! So warm & happy! I love all of your whimsical & personal details! I am a little obsessed with Sharon’s work too and now am obsessed with that gorgeous print of the birds in flight leaning against the wall. Did you say that is one of yours? So beautiful…Thank you for sharing your wonderful home!


What a great looking apartment! I love the eclectic variety of art and how each piece has a backstory. Thanks for allowing us insight into the creative space of two truly driven imaginative, passionate peoples!

c. noel

oh, wow! i love every single detail. thank you so much for sharing!


This home is so beautiful!! I love the color schemes and art. It is so bright and fresh!! It’s also cozy and homey. Very inspiring. Wonderful.


Wow. It is eerie how alike this home is to mine; I had to bookmark this post! I, too, have 1. the red hutch from IKEA w/ updated knobs (from anthro), 2. same Swedish dining set, 3. bathroom wall color (in my great room, not bath), 4. pendant over dining table, 5. bulletin board collection, 6. Pier 1 throw pillows, and a home full of CL finds that looks so similar to this home…


It’s been a while since I commented on a house tour. While I’ve enjoyed them, I’ve found that the featured homes have gotten very twee and/or very hipster. It’s been a while since we saw a house that is both grown up and has a sense of whimsy – and this one is it! Absolutely lovely.


Max and Margaux = creative vision intertwines and reflects the embodiment of their relationship. Everything integrates….work. play, art, home, imagination, fun! I love the art and modern touches!!


Love this – the look the feel and all! I am hoping to talk my fiance into letting me splurge on those beautiful ‘lace’ wall hangings….

carly cram

The stuff you’ve added to this art deco apartment compliments it in such a warm way. I hope when I have a place of my own, it will look something like this! I love how much light there is!


h my goodness…i never knew the proposal story! cried a little, not gonna lie. well done, max :) Your apartment is amazing. It certainly brightened my gloomy monday morning. See you in may. love you both! cousin <3

Newly Domesticated

i love the color scheme so much. very soothing until that splash of color in the office. And I really love all of the art; I’m all about that heart collage!


The photos are incredible and do a great job of showing off the place! Love how everything is coming together.


Wow – what a beautiful, relaxing and cozy home!! Love it! Can you divulge the name + brand of the paint color you are using in your living room? The light beige. Thanks so much :)


What a lovely home. It appears very peaceful and welcoming. A perfect place for such a talented photographer. I love the bedroom look. Nice cat, too.


so, so beautiful. definitely representative of your creative & fun-loving personalities!


The apartment looks great. I especially like your dad’s drawings. Love, Dad xxoo

Heidi D

You have fabulous artwork and such a fat cat!! wow. I love the kitchen art.

Aunt Marcia

What an amazing home! I am so excited for the both of you. Max you are an incredible talent, and Margaux..well…you’re just gorgeous!
Love you both! Aunt Marcia


I LOVED everything about your place…specially your bathroom with the Sea Green color! I saw Menchie in your living room but no menchie of her!

Aunt Tina

I absolutely LOVE your home!! Fits you both perfectly!! How lucky you are to have so much light to show off all of your amazing things. Congratulations on your engagement. What a lovely story!! See you in May. Sending love to you both and thankyou for posting this.


I absolutely LOVE this place. Just shows that you can do so much with an apartment in CA…who needs a big house! I especially love the bathroom and the use of artwork and Max’s photos. And that grey tufted chair!


Beautiful home. I love the Anjou print. I’m trying to remember where I have seen it online. Would love to know. Thanks.


gorgeous home. i love every detail about it. who is the orange bird print by? i love all things birds.


What an inspiring home! Love all the colors – not sure it the finished look is subtle, but it feels subtle and completely un-stuffy. The paper wall hangings are especially beautiful, too.


i loved your place! i got a big feeling my place its gotta end up much like yours, which makes me really happy. It has all these details that are totally love! it feel cozy withou being messy but its like a giant expression of who u are. i dunno how to express myself but i DO love your place. ( now i want ny in a bag) xoxo


I wish I can decorate like this. I love just about everything here. xoxo


Loves it. You guys are so creative, Margaux and Max you both have such great taste. Please continue being awesome.

Katherine Duvigneau

What a lovely & fun home. It says so much about you. Beautiful.


A printer’s box!!!!! I haven’t seen one in a long time. love the whole thing <3


I am such a fan of max’s work and its so nice to see the domain of the creative – I love the proposal! David Choe?! Brilliant!!

J. Scott

It is so thoughtful on how its put together. I wish this would have been up sooner when i was re-doing my place. Its very inspiring what they have done with their space


i was so excited when i saw Max Wanger featured as the sneak peek. I love his photography! the board filled with random stuff, the teal couch, and your bathroom color.
thanks for sharing!


Really nice indeed! Can’t find that circle rug anywhere. Is it still available from Anthropologie? Panic setting in….



Would you mind sharing where the papel picado flag bunting is from?

Thanks for sharing! Such a beautifully decorated home.

Corie Bowden

Gorgeous! Your place has such color and life to it, it has inspired me to redesign mine! I love the pillows on the bed with the lace behind it. Also, your cat was an extra special accessory to your home. What a beauty!! :)


Oh my! Love this home. Please share the name of the IKEA bookcase. I can’t find it online. Must. have. it. Red is my favorite color.


the round rug was purchased from anthropologie about 6 months ago and i haven’t seen it since. but maybe they can help find it if you show them a picture in the store.
the flags are from a little store called zingara on abbot kinney in venice. and here is a link to the red ikea bookcase. we just switched out the knobs.




Their apt is as cool and whimsical as their photos. Love the bird print and all the other subtle touches that make this place look like a very comfortable space to be in … aaaahhhhh. Thanks for the look!


I LOVE your place! Beautiful expression of Max+Margeaux if that is not too lame to say! Perfect place for say, a book club?!?!


this is the most perfect sneak peek i’ve ever seen. my dream house!


i just saw you have a photo of cat sleeping on bed! sooooooo cute!!


I love the print int he dining room/Margaux’s office – where did you get it?


With few words: modern, new, fresh, warm, friendly…just an amazing place especially for young people. All of these pictures are really inspiring. From your wonderful features we can feel the feast of joy and creativity. We can find here great ideas how to make over our interiors and homes to better places or dream houses. I like the colour schemes, art and all those small decorative accessories you have used. It is so bright and fresh but also cozy and homey. Thank you for sharing.

Best regards,


Beautiful home!!! I have one question, is it very hard to keep the pebble rug from West Elm clean and does it shade a lot. I loved it and wanted to get it but did not get it because I was worried about shedding and keeping it clean. Your advice is appreciated.

Thank you!


I just bought a house and can’t wait to implement some of these design techniques! Especially loving the wall colors… maybe not the red :) but definitely the stone and green-colored rooms.


What a beautiful mix of color and texture. I too LOVE the Ikea bookcase but I’m having trouble finding it. I know you posted a link, but it isn’t working. Do you by any chance know the name of it?


Am having trouble locating the Ikea bookcase. I know you posted a link, but it doesn’t work. Do you know what it’s called? Thanks!


By the way, I’m pretty sure the long painting of basketball players above the desk is the work of Patrick-Earl Barnes. I bought one of his pieces from him (on the sidewalk in Soho in NYC) and love his quirky portraits!