sneak peek: “kucica” croatian cottage


kucica” in croatian means “small house.” this quaint cottage belongs to iva and vanja and is located in zagorje, croatia (15 miles from the capital of zagreb). the area is known for its preserved idyllic nature, rivers, old castles, and as the excavation site of a 100,000 year old neanderthal man (trivia!). the cottage itself is a traditional wooden cottage which is about 100 years old, but was moved to this location around 20-30 years ago. it was love at first sight when iva and vanja first discovered the cottage, but it was in poor shape and needed some tlc. throughout their renovations the goal was to preserve and respect as much of the original beauty as possible. enjoy the full sneak peek below, and click here for additional images! {thanks john, iva and vanja!} -anne

{photos by damir zizic}

[Our escape from the city and later favorite weekend destination for our friends and travelers either as a sanctuary from modern life or a base for exploring the area. We also have a small orchard (with apples, peaches, oaks), and grow a small organic garden where we grow tomatoes, onions, peppers, peas, strawberries, raspberries, spices, etc].

The old sewing machine from an antique shop was turned into writing table.

Some of the found old furniture was restored, like this wonderful yellow cupboard.

This green cabinet was also restored. We tried to keep simple, basic colors to emphasize the simplicity of peasant life and our determination to take this journey and explore the times when life was simpler and maybe even more beautiful and healthier.

The blue kitchen cupboard was gift from our neighbors who are a huge help in our garden. We also grow organic vegetables by the cottage.

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The living room is also a bedroom. The beds are over hundred years old, repainted and covered with beautiful peasant homemade linen.

Aromatic detail – a scent of dry Croatian lavender from island Hvar makes the atmosphere relaxing.

The Cottage is situated on a small hill, over seeing gentle nature (orchard, vineyard and forest).

The favorite way to relax on weekends is preparing barbecue and old Croatian peasant recipes.

The table for kids – made of wood – in the protective shade of an old oak.

The fireplace for barbecue or “peka” is a Croatian specialty (meat or fish baked under heavy cover, covered with red hot coal).


I love all of those primary colors with the “old” feel of the cottage. The property is heavenly.

Megan MacDonald

…”our determination to take this journey and explore the times when life was simpler and maybe even more beautiful and healthier.”


So wonderful! My husband and I were in Croatia last March – it’s a beautiful country, especially along the coast. I also got some lavender on Hvar Island!


What a beautiful space- full of interest, color and warmth but still very simple and clean. And I love the dual living/bedroom.


am all about function and small spaces and have to say that the living room/bedroom in this cottage is one of the most inspiring I’ve seen in a long, long time … thank you for sharing!!


I’m so in love with this cottage. It reminds me of the cottage that Sleeping Beauty lived in. Such fairy tale beauty.


just have to chime, because this is so beautiful and lovely. thanks for the inspiration, absolutely gorgeous.


Is this gorgeous cottage available for rent? I need a week to relax there!


Oh, this was fun! Let’s have more international small homes, pretty please?


I love the old sewing machine turned desk and all the bright colors. Wouldn’t a backyard view like that be stunning?

bargain bex

i don’t know anyone who hasn’t at least once dreamed of owning their own cottage … and i’m pretty sure this is the one of mine … perfectly quaint. love it.


How cool is that?!
And Hvar lavender – I spent the most wonderful boating holiday around the islands last autumn and brought back delicious lavender honey, mmmhh… ;)
PS you want my 250 yr old Swiss home on d*s?!


What a treat to escape to this! I like the burst of simple colors, especially the yellow cupboard. The view is gorgeous.


Ah my grandmother was from Croatia and while I’ve never been my family always talks about how beautiful it is… beautiful pictures!


I have never dreamed about owning a cottage, but this one, tucked inside of the hillside and with the awesome landscape behind it, I think I will dream about it now! I too love the primary colors for the furniture. What a great way to use nature to inspire the decor for their cottage!

urban flea

i’m obsessing over that green cabinet! the cottage looks absolutely perfect right about now, we’re up to our eyeballs in cold and snow here in chicago. have a lovely week!

xo urban flea :)

Brenda in Canada

I love the name “kucica” for a cottage. How do you say it?


Wow, I am thrilled that a little cabin in Croatia has been featured on D*S! It really is such a beautiful country, everyone should visit! ;)


the picture of this tiny home settled into the hill makes my heart hurt. in a good way.


And don’t forget that not too long ago this country was at war. Croatia is the most wonderful place I’ve ever been on earth. Everyone should go there.


I love the blue kitchen cupboard with all the different sized drawers! What a beautiful respite.


Just Beautiful! This took me back to my days as an AFS exchange student in Croatia. I spent time in this dream-like, forest region. I get so tired of people saying that E. Europe is depressing. It’s really so lovely.


stunning colors. i love a small cabin and can’t imagine one in croatia but this one is incredible. croatia is such a wonderful country.

Laura Elaine

Just lovely! My husband and I went to Croatia on our honeymoon and fell in love with it. I’m so glad to see people giving it the props it deserves! :)


I have to agree with the other posters, Croatia is the most beautiful country ever! Rijeka is my favorite city there but Zagreb is very majestic.


The light and color in this one are just lovely. Simple and cozy without being too cute is always best.

Louis Oakridge

Never thought I will see something like this on home trends site – thank you. Its brings memories of my childhood, happy memories


Wonderful surprise to see a Sneak Peak from only a few km from where I live! Owning a little kucica like this on the hills of Zagorje is our dream and this is just a little nudge for us to keep working in that direction! Thank you! :-)

Catalina M.

Wow, nice to see a Kayser sewing machine on the internet! We still use the Kayser that belong to my grandfather’s grandmother, here in Mallorca, and I haven’t ever seen another one in the island.

Julian M.

I absolutely love this home. It is one of the best you’ve presented. Please feature more like it in the future.


Love to see a little of the homeland in modern. Thanks!


I am so proud of my country, come and discover the gold Slavonia, Zagorje hills, forests and water of Lika, and the beautiful coast of Istria, Dalmatia, Kvarner and its more than 1000 islands …pls. watch…