reader diy projects: chevron rug + doily plate

before we jump into our regularly scheduled diy projects for today i wanted to share two great projects from d*s readers. brittni of paper n stitch‘s lace plate project (above) is a great way to dress up thrift store plates or dishes in need of an update. want to give it a shot? click here to follow brittni’s instructions.

as a fan of anything chevron, i was excited to hear from suzannah at adventures in dressmaking about her diy zig zag rug project. her results look really fantastic and are a great way to avoid the high pricetags often associated with the more popular chevron styles on the market. click here to learn how to make your own rug from suzannah’s blog.

Amanda Chenevert

LOVE this. Fantastic DIYs and fabulous blogs! It’s always wonderful to discover new wonderful sites and I am indebted to you! I love them!


Could you use any kind of spray paint for the mirror or does it have to be specifically for glass?


Thanks so much for featuring my doily project Grace. And Nicole- I used Krylon’s frosted glass finish spray which you can pick up at your local craft store. But if you wanted to use a spray paint instead, go with a strong-bonding one.


fantastic projects- i’m particularly impressed with how professional the chevron rug looks!


love the rug. i see ikea has some super cheap woven white rugs. i’m thinking a dip dye ombre could be really nice too.


i could use that rug anywhere in my house. thanks for passing it along and sharing. what a great DIY project….quick, simple and fantastic!