pear terrarium

i’m working on a roundup of affordable vases for this afternoon and stumbled upon this lovely pear-shaped terrarium at viva terra. i have a soft spot for anything that lets me grow a tiny garden so this guy become a quick favorite. click here for more info and to shop. ($49 without plants, $79 with)


I actually found these exact vases at Tuesday Morning after eying them on the VivaTerra website. I got a large one for $12, medium for $8, and small for $4. What a steal! Now I am just trying to find some good terrarium tutorials…


So cute! I’m really intrigued by terrariums lately, I have so many pictures of them saved I think it is time I commit and get one. I’m just afraid I would kill yet another poor plant and then be left with a sad empty container.


These are beautiful, and I LOOOVE the Viva terra site. I had never heard of it before. So thankful for the news!


Terraniums where have you been all my life! So cool – I wonder if they need much light


Funny, I was also going to mention that you could get the same thing for $7 at Tuesday Morning. I saw them there a few months ago. Very cute!


Pear-arium? Heh? Anyone? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I understand if you can’t post such a lame linguistic joke: )


I was so excited to see this post. I have this container. I recently made it into a
terrarium. I’ll post a pic on my blog tomorrow. I have also seen this container in the shape of an apple. So cute!