past & present: billy baldwin shopping round-up!

Billy Baldwin certainly loved his brown and his lacquer. Billy once said that every country house needs a dog so I couldn’t resist including a greyhound in homage to the painting in his own home. Billy abhorred leggy furniture saying it made the room feel restless, but I was just not into the box pleat slipper chairs – I hope he’ll forgive me.

[from left: rare books, vintage 1950s tulu carpet $1800, JF Herring Sr print $15 slipper chair $950, mirrored side table $89.99, greyhoundpouf $109-299, brass candlestick $50-65, oxford style heels $80.06]

For our goodbye to Billy Baldwin, here are a few of his favorite things – rattan, chinese wallpaper and moss covered terra cotta – nearly 40 years later, they still look pretty good!

[from left: faux tortoiseshell mirror $100.03, chinese wallpaper print $6.66 -133.14, rattan hamper set $495, x-stool $179, patent eco-leather clutch $145, terra cotta planters $38, 70 dendrobium orchid stems $128.88]


I agree – every country home does need a dog. I love the rattan and the terracotta. They’re so practical and so pretty.

Toni (aka Sparky)

I have two greyhounds the color of the one you chose—white with black spots! They are gorgeous and sweet and help make my city home feel like it’s out in the country. :o)


I have two of those exact slipper chair in a different fabric, I paid like 500 for each chair


Just stumbled upon your site and what a design inspiration after our 18″ snowfall! As someone who has finished building a house and is suffering from a temporary case of ‘design fatigue’, this site is just what I needed to get me back on track again! On to the pretty stuff!

Colleen Quimby

I saw a current Billy Baldwin wallper in a geometric design. Do you know where it is available? I have looked again, but I can’t find it.

Amy Azzarito

Hi Colleen –
I’m sorry but I haven’t seen that paper. I’ll let you know, if I come across it.