when we were little, valentine-making was a serious annual tradition. we would gather all of the tools and materials and papers that we had gathered throughout the past year, and our mom would set up the dining room table for us to work. so many years later, we still keep the tradition and send our cards to each other, friends and family!


my new sewing machine has a gazillion different stitches, and this seemed like a fun way to play around with them. [top image above is from anna]


i needed my cards to be simple this year as i don’t have much time. a little candy and my typewriter–each one take just minutes!


i wanted to do white cards this year, with a touch of black. i used ripped muslin, the backs of old cards, and a little black thread for accent!

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stationery gift

amy gave personalized stationary kits to everyone for christmas this year, and it gave us the idea for an even easier DIY kit. she ordered stamps with our names and addresses, but another cool idea is to use rubber stamp initials (from craft stores or collected from vintage stores, as many of sarah’s are) and various plain notecards. we like them in old wooden cigar boxes, but they also look good simply tied up with twine or string.

embossed cards

our mom, the original bbb and entire reason any of us do any of this stuff to begin with, is an amazing artist. though colored pencil drawing is her medium, she also makes and sends the most beautiful—and wide variety—of handmade cards (check out our inspiration boards below for some of her creations!) we are crazy for these embossed cards she came up with—so great as birthday, anniversary or wedding cards.

inspiration boards

in each of our homes, we have a place for some form of bulletin board to hold ideas and inspirations—and cards from our mom and sisters! sarah has two—a large white stretched white canvas that she pins directly into, as well as a big piece of wood—both great original ideas. amy’s craft room has paneled wood walls she can stick directly into, and anna has a trio of the plain old cork bulletin boards (check out the pencil drawing in the last image—of amy and sarah when they were little, drawn by our mom!)

Kathy Marshall

but wait ! how did you type the words on the tape in that direction?

anna blessing

hi kathy!

to type on tape, amy ripped off a small piece of masking tape and attached it to the backing of an old label or sticker. then she put this through her typewriter. when she’s done typing, the masking tape easily pulls off the sticker backing!



Oh my! I’m over the top with ideas! Can’t wait to go home, rummage through my paper stash and start creating. This post is wonderfully inspiring. Thanks gals!

Emma Jay

LOVE all of these ideas, definitely some that I’m going to try! It’s nice to see other people as obsessed with their rubber stamps as me… :)


Are the “eat ice cream” and “eat cake” cards available for sale somewhere? If so, please tell me where I can order them! : ) Thanks.


all the valentine i need. though that typewrite sure is a looker. so many lovely the possibilites it makes my heart race!


I love the white cards with paper heart tags and black thread. And I love it that you’re re-using old cards.

Great post!


Totally inspirational!!! Makes me want to get started right away on Valentine and Easter cards!!! Wonderful ideas!!!


The your sew sweet cards are very cute and a great way to play around with your new sewing machine… I wish I still had a sewing machine!

Loved all of the cards! :)


The embossed spoon and fork cards are absolutely amazing! I have been looking everywhere for a fork embossing stencil and haven’t been able to find one. Where did you get it?! Please let me know!


I love the embossed cards! Did Mrs. B make the stencil? I’d love to make something similar but can’t find any appropriate stencils.