by The BBB Craft Sisters

crocheted vases

after filling her store window with crocheted glass ornaments for the holidays, sarah had the idea to crochet around plain glass vases and votives. these would be so pretty with flowers, or glowing with a lit candle in them.

knit bangles

anna gave sarah and amy each a set of these knit bangles—a great idea from a vogue knitting magazine. we have used wood bangles found a craft store, but you could use any old bangles you had lying around that need a little makeover. we are working on crocheting a few with the string used on the votives for a more gauze-y look.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the post (including adorable baby gifts) after the jump!

baby gift

we all have many friends these days who are welcoming tiny new family members! during down times we stock up on little gifts for them. this is a pattern from our all time favorite book (debbie bliss essential baby) and we used sublime’s new organic wool yarn—the colors are all so good and cozy. the yarn knits beautifully and almost feels a little bit felted. we packaged these with a cigar for the new dad in one of our old cigar boxes!

safari animals

these great patterns from knitting at knoon have been fun to make and fun to give. super fast, the instructions are great and we learned lots of new tricks. the ellie is our favorite, chubby with a funny nose.


this has been a fantastic week, thanks to grace and design*sponge for having us, and to everyone for all of the nice and encouraging comments! we hope you’ll continue to check in with us on our blog, and look for our upcoming bbbcraft etsy site. happy crafting!

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  • it has been so much fun to wake up and check out the amazing crafts of the bbb girls….. thanks for all the great ideas…. i am especially going to make the homemade valentine day cards a tradition…. all so great.

  • Awesome post! Just this week I took a refresher course and have finally gotten back to knitting after a 6-year hiatus. I cannot wait to make those baby animals!

  • Um. Those knit bangles are incredible. That last pic of the animals from the back might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Wait. No. The baby gift knit socks/cigar gift is. This family is so talented, I love it ALL.

  • absolutely loved all you brought to d*sponge this week. i expectantly hit “guest blog” daily and knew without a doubt, beautiful things were ahead.
    before i realized they were your mom’s design, i was lusting over the spoon card that was shown on the main page. i had an “of course” moment when i read that it was merely a taste of things to come from your entry. inspired! thanks.

  • I’m with Angie – where can those of us without knitting skills find these beautiful things?

  • I love those crocheted bangles and the baby gifts are so cute!! Do the bbb girls sell their crafts anywhere? When does the Etsy shop open?

  • Now I know why my wrist has been feeling so bare … it hasn’t been adorned with one of those absolutely adorable (and so stylish) knit bangles! ;)

  • All your ideas have been so beautiful and mid-wintery. Thanks so much for the gorgeous creativity and inspiration.

  • i am so sad that this week is over. i loved everything but I am not so crafty. I need to know where to buy!!!!! everything. see you on etsy. wow~

  • hi everyone!

    we will be launching our bbbcraft etsy shop monday morning! we’re starting with a small selection of our favorites, and plan on adding items as quickly as possible over the next several weeks.

    thanks for all of your kind comments–we’ve had a great week sharing with everyone!

    sarah, amy and anna

  • all so lovely~ I have also been confused with the “store” that others have mentioned? I now see that you will be doing Etsy…still what and where is the store? I so so hope you will have your cross stitch packages in your shop!

  • Hi. I would like to purchase the knitted safari animals please can you tell me where I can get them from?