by The BBB Craft Sisters

hello! we are sarah, amy and anna blessing of bbbcraft.blogspot.com. sarah and amy are the owners of the men’s store apartment number 9, in los angeles and chicago, and anna is a writer/photographer for the eat.shop guides, lucky magazine, and various other publications.

when we were little, our mom taught us how to make things by hand. when amy moved cities, away from sarah and anna, she missed seeing everyone’s creations. we now share our crafts long-distance on our blog.

we are excited to be guest blogging on d*s, and this week we want to share with you our two obsessions: crafts and gift giving. we love to make so many different types of things, sometimes we find ourselves going in all directions, but nothing brings focus like giving our crafts as gifts. a lot of the things we will share here we have made as gifts for each other, friends, and on occasions, ourselves!

crocheted pinecones

we recently learned to crochet, and once we started crocheting around objects, we couldn’t stop! we love pinecones (amy finds beautiful ones around her home in the hills of los angeles and is generous enough to share them with us), and we had this idea to give them little crocheted accents. perfect for a centerpiece or just pretty sitting on a desk or bookshelf.

crocheted rocks

every summer (and on occasion in the dead of winter!) we collect rocks from the shores of lake michigan. we have done just about everything creative you could think of to do with rocks, but lately we’ve been crocheting around them (after being inspired by resurrection fern) which make pretty little gifts. we love them as paper weight or place settings—just pin on pieces of fabric with names.

wood coasters

the tricky part of this craft can be scavenging for a good branch—we’re lucky that fallen birch branches are everywhere in northern michigan, where we spend a lot of time throughout the year. next you just need a chop saw—or a handy friend who has one—to cut slices for coasters. birch is a favorite of ours, but they would look amazing with a spalted or birdseye maple.

branch light

one year when we were all in portland, oregon, at our parents’ home for christmas, amy and her husband, david, got the idea to create a light fixture out of one of the many huge, moss-covered branches found lying around the property. a little burlap, some simple wiring, and look! now it’s hanging in their living room! so cool—the only challenge is getting the branch home if you don’t happen to live in the same place.

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  • The crocheted stones made me smile. What a fun idea! I can just see DH’s uncle from ND shaking his head and looking at his HUGE rock pile picked from his fields. LOL

  • The moss covered lighted branches are pretty cool. I’m not sold on spending alot of time crocheting pine-cones…..

  • i love resurrection fern’s blog and her crocheted rocks. definitely worthy of inspiration. And your branch light is so lovely. Now I’m inspired.

  • ladies!! i can’t believe these beautiful things. where to start — a dozen pine cones please for my mother’s sunroom; a bowl of those michigan rocks for my desk at work (would make me smile!); and that branch, THAT BRANCH. my goodness ladies, AMAZING. I can’t wait to see what’s on deck for tomorrow.

  • Stella needs some crochet rocks! Those are the most beautiful and delicate things I have ever seen… and where can I find myself a moss covered branch to be retooled for my office??? Beautiful nature craft!

  • I do have a love for rocks, but oh those pinecones… I would love a tree covered in them or a wooden bowl full so delicate so pretty

  • Very inspiring. I’m absolutely partial to the rocks dressed in lace. They are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • had i not been tipped of by “the moms” i would have FLIPPED out to see you on here since this is a daily read. love, love, love that you’re here + i look forward to what you’ll be bringing. btw, heard the branch/light fixture story from your dad…which of course, was hilarious. go girls!

  • I just came to d*s directly from Resurrection Fern, and had a confusing moment :) The pine cones are lovely.

  • Everything is so lovely! Oh, I would love to make a branch light like that! What kind of bulbs are used? I must say that I only use energy-efficient bulbs…is it possible?

  • i agree! resurrecion fern is amazing, our hyperlinks didn’t work so i apologize that we didn’t link up to her.

    • hi guys!

      just added a link- so sorry. i thought i added one in this morning when i coded this but i guess my brain stopped working ;)


  • Oh, just love those cones and rock paperweights so much. Having been a gift recipient of yours, I congratulate you on even more of your lovely ideas. Believe you have a great future.

  • BBB :Everything is very inspiring. I love the blog, the pictures, the colors …
    I will stay tuned for more.

  • i love all of it and i am obsessed. how do i get to see more of what you do???? i could look at this all day. love the rocks. xoxo

  • Seriously.. Insane. I love everything! The birch coasters are fantastic but I am not surprised. You guys are the most inventive people I know. Keep it coming! xo

  • I just love your crochet stones! They’re just beautiful. Do you have patterns for them? I’ve been attempting to make one but am having some difficulty. Yours look so good and maybe more of what I can handle. Thanks!