living in: groundhog day


Did anyone even care about groundhog day before Bill Murray came along? Uhh… no. This little movie has done more good for the second of February than even a million weather forecasting mammals combined. Groundhog Day has been in my top 10 since elementary school, so three cheers for best darn holiday in February.

alarm clock $12, rosebud boutonniere $2, top hat $58, microphone $104, I’m sorry, try as you might, you cannot buy a real groundhog online, briefcase $206, scarf $65.

If I had to relive a single day on repeat, I hope I’d get Bill Murray by my side, preferably in small town Pennsylvania- replete with diners, snowstorms and donuts. Do you think it’s too late to put out a call for a hand sculpted snow statue of my face this evening? Mr. Murray? Are you out there? -amy m.

wall clock $33, cake stand $36, sugar pourer $3.50, napkin dispenser $10, donuts, creamer $5, wooden chair $70, table $188, diner mug $5.


i only drink coffee out of diner mugs at work, perhaps in the deranged hope that tiny cotton candy haired waitresses will keep refilling it.

this ‘living in’ is awesome as i have been looking for a briefcase & a green wall clock. yay.


I LOVE this movie! It is a requirement that we watch it ever year. I Love the top hats, what a kick!

ginny branch

yes! i was just saying i want to be watching this on repeat all day! ED HAS NEVER SEEN THIS! and it is one of momma branch’s favorite movies… she has a funny blockbuster story where a woman took the movie out of her hands, and said “oh thanks! i was looking for that! ” and went to the checkout line.

she still retells that story, to this day.

Michelle Berman

I grew up in a tiny little town in western Pennsylvania, and have been a lover of this holiday since I was a girl. When the movie came out, we were so siked!!! I called my parents this morning who now live in TX. One quote from the movie is all it takes :)


I would love to see a “living in” feature on Veronica Mars and Pushing Daisies, two of my favorite shows.


YES! I love this movie.

Two women on the subway this morning were going on about how the groundhog saw his shadow, and I caught a mention of Staten Island Chuck, who is apparently NYC’s version of Punxsutawney Phil. It was one of the best conversations I’ve overheard in awhile.

Adria J Brown

SUCH a great theme today!! I love it and all the images you chose!
I have a 1950s Formica dining table that I absolutely adore – A wonderful discovery at a GA flea market. Thanks for this post! It made my day!! :)


A lot of “Groundhog Day” was filmed in Woodstock, Illinois, which is a really cute little town. They even have plaques in the sidewalk downtown commemorating where certain scenes of the movie were filmed!

Karen O

Did anyone care about Ground Hog’s Day before Bill Murray? Why yes – I cared, because it’s MY birthday (and I’ll bet it’s the birthday of a few others too!)


LOVE this collection. We were talking about this movie this morning! Very fitting :)

Don’t drive angry!


strike up the music, the band has begun…bum, bum, bum, bum the Pennsylvania Polka!

one of my all time faves!


YES! this made me so happy to see this. I was hoping this movie would be on TV today, but i couldn’t find it. So this is the next best thing. Such a classic. and yes, Bill Murray def. made this holiday more interesting. :) so Thank you.


Love it! I’m so glad you did this!! Although it is missing the alarm clock with the flippy numbers.


So great! Best movie, great trends.
I could watch this over and over……….


Ditto to Brooke! The Royal Tenenbaums would be classic — also, Almost Famous!

This is my favorite feature on Design Sponge… thanks, Amy!

jan cook

Me too, Me too — catch my blog… Bing! I knew there was a reason I loved your blog! Your creativity is inspiring and incendiary!


fantastic post. again, i love, love, love this “living in” column…

p.s. those donuts are making me hungry!


Oh my goodness. I quote this movie year-round. LOVE that you included the diner stuff… I told my husband the other day that this movie always makes me want diner food and doughnuts.

Am I right or am I right or am I right?


LOVE this movie! Bill Murray is unparalleled… And I will join in the chorus for requests for Royal Tennenbaums. Another one of my faves…


one of my all time favorites…Ive only seen it about 200 times. Everytime its on I watch it, groundhogs day, the princess bride, forest gump, and mommy dearest are the movies I always stop what im doing to watch, no matter what.

I think top hats need to be brought back into everyday style…its so cool


Love it! Love this movie, too. I’d love to see living-in post on “What about Bob” too.


cool idea for a series. groundhog day is my husband’s birthday and we watch it every year. I just posted the words of his favorite scene on my blog, re: the perfect guy. “this is a man, right?” love it.


any tim burton or wes anderson movie is a good one for this feature…


Awwww… your little picture is of a prairie dog. Looks like Sophie, my beloved childhood pet. (No kidding, I had a prairie dog!)

Very cute post- lots of nostalgia, thanks!


i love when groundhog day rolls around because i know this movie’s going to be playing on cable! love love love this movie. choosing it for a “living in” was genius :)


I live fairly close to Punxsutawney and usually the question every year is not whether or not Phil will see his shadow, but “Are you/why aren’t you going to Groundhog’s Day?

Perhaps having Bill Murray by my side could make living in small-town PA more bearable, haha.


watched Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day! Had never seen it and probably wouldn’t have sans your post. I loved it!! Added it to one of my favorites!


One of the TV stations in Australia just did a cute thing in their evening news report. They reported on Groundhog Day …. and then the story started all over again, eventually repeating itself three times. People watching the news who hadn’t seen the movie would have been bewildered but I had a good laugh.


I love your “Living in:”!

Hope someday you’ll do one Living in: Harry Potter; I thing would be very interesting :)


I love that movie!!! We watched it a gazzillion times. Just logged on to your blog:) love it. Very beautiful!


I was a set designer on “Ground Hog Day”. The house was real, but we added the archway and picket fence, the diner was an empty storefront, we added the counter and plate rail, we built the bedroom and staircase in the b&b on stage. We had to add ice crystal snow and the tree buds were coming out because we were shooting so late in the spring!


yes, you need to do the royal tannenbaum’s! it’s such a perfect choice that i had convinced myself you had already done it and was looking for it earlier today.