litill terrariums

amy and i took a trip to terrain last friday to stock up on green things, so i’ve got terrariums on the brain. so i was excited to hear from lauren at litill about these beautiful terrariums they’re selling. the glass structures themselves are a wide variety of organic shapes- the perfect structures for housing tiny growing things. litill makes 9 different types of terrariums, ranging in price from $125-$375. so if you’re looking to have a tiny garden delivered to your door, click here to check out litill’s collection and place an order. [thanks, lauren!]

*click here to watch tassy from sprout home show us how to make a terrarium from the soil up!


Grace, Did the people at Terrain say anything about a store opening in Paramus, NJ? I know there was talk about it in the fall but I haven’t heard anthing since. Thanks!



i think they’re looking to expand, but i don’t think they’ve settled on a location yet, at least not that i’ve heard. when i met with their team and pr people in december they mentioned a few places, but i didn’t think anything had been decided.



I’m a big fan of terrariums, but there’s something about these that skeeves me out a bit. They look like something that would be growing out of a character in Avatar.


Kristín Eva:
That is just what I was wondering. The site also has other Icelandic words on it like lykt, mjög and drög.
They don’t tell you their background, though, and it does say that their shop is in Portland, Oregon. So maybe not.


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I love. love, love Terrain! They offer the coolest classes and activities, too. Tomorrow night is a vertical gardening class. Come to Philly and make a weekend of it!

Cheryl Coleman

Am soooo proud of my daughter’s Litill terrain designs. She has created something alive and beautiful just like she is. It’s inspiring to to look at them and watch them grow day after day…


i will like to buy the hand blown vessels, without the plants.only the vessel. its for a manufacturer bussiness for an exhibition..
thanks please help me!!