kari herer + weekly wrap up

my parents just pulled into town from virginia beach, so i’m heading out a little early to get indulge in some winter family fun. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and i’ll see on monday with a new d*s desktop wallpaper from wayne pate! until then, i wanted to leave you with these beautiful photos from kari herer. carrie recently added some great new shots to her etsy page- you can check them out (and order online, price start at $25) right here. have a great weekend- below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Eren San Pedro

Tell your parents they aren’t missing a thing here in VB…cold and windy. Love, love those peonies. Can’t wait until ours bloom.


Great leads – the pricing article is one to bookmark, keep, print out and refer to often! Thanks. Marija


Love the flowers pics. I dream of owning a garden someday that produces stunning buds like those!


Oh pretty flowers! I love the random vertebrae and turtle shell in the last picture. Everything is blooming here and it makes me so happy. My basil, zucchini and chives are all popping up merrily and I can’t wait to see the buds on my flowers open up! <3 spring!


These are ridiculously fabulous! What an eye! I especially love the magnolia on the cleaver sketch background.

Ashley Schott

Gorgeous photos! I hope you are having a great weekend with your family:)
Also, I’m having a giveaway at my blog if you’re interested!


having moved from Virginia Beach 15 years ago I can only say “how nice for them to be able to visit you on a cold week-end!” I love Magnolias. My grand parents had a huge tree in their back yard! Good memories.


this post just make me smile, every thing is so attractive the flowers and the art, fabulous.


These are beautiful.!
I could use these peonies in a future project. Love Peonies! :)