Japanese Design Companies

I’ve got a serious love for Japanese design and draw a lot of inspiration from it. The simple, natural and timeless designs really appeal to me. I also love the use of linens and natural fibers – something I’ll never tire of. For today’s post, I thought I would share some of my favorite Japanese companies like Bil-let, Classiky, Muji, Fog Linen and others.

I love a lot of the Japanese-designed home goods not only because they’re classic and simple but they’re also very functional.

1. gingham tray, 2. wood + linen hamper, 3. paper straws, 4. ceramic + wood pot, 5. metal basket, 6. alphabet ice trays

I’m a huge fan of the natural fabrics and neutral colors in a lot of the Japanese textiles I come across.

1. coasters, 2. yarn + glass cover, 3. linen ribbon, 4. kitchen cloth, 5. half apron, 6. full apron, 7. cotton tape

If I collect anything its Japanese ribbon and paper goods – I just can’t get enough! As you’ll see here, there’s just a great classic simplicity.

1. envelope tag, 2. graph paper pad, 3. kraft tape, 4. patterned tape, 5. ledger notepads, 6. notebook, 7. beeswax crayons, 8. metal clips

Doris Kirke

I have fallen in love with the paper and office accessories. Where could I purchase these? Thanks for your time.


Thank you for the amazing post and inspiration..
Now I need to move to Japan

Diane Zerr

Wow, I really like those ledger notepads!

There is a great Etsy store called nothingelegant that sells japanese goods too.


I’ve been to japan several times. in the cities, they have such a great offering of inexpensive and amazing designs. may i suggest another company? Afternoon Tea is one of my favorites: http://shop.afternoon-tea.net/


Fabolous collection. I’m totally in love with Japan in general.

In the second image (Textiles) what’s the number 8? I can’t find its caption. Thank you!


I love this stuff, Japanese design is my weakness. Thanks for the great collection! I really need that kraft tape.


I am in love with every last bit of this post! Paper is my passion! And Zakka is so inspiring. Simplicity is a beautiful thing:) Thank you for inspiring me today:)

Mandy Behrens

Absolutely stunning collection. My daughter attends a Japanese immersion school and we are soaking in as much Japanese culture as we can. Thank you for sharing this post. Cheers, Mandy


I love this round-up, particularly the textiles. Would love to do something with that cotton tape. I’ve seen similar designs out of Korea… guess I need to keep searching etsy. Thanks for the inspiration, Suann.

Melissa de la Fuente

So beautiful! I always love your style Suann, as you know! Beautiful picks and thanks to you I am more in love with Japanese design than ever! :) Great job over here hun!


I love Japanese pens. When my husband and I traveled there a few years ago, the only thing I wanted to buy were pens. I love the really, really fine point ones. Thanks for these online resources!


I love the tape but I can never come up with projects for them. Can anyone suggest projects that would include these nifty tapes?

alissa + ryan

Great post! Loved the layout with the graph paper. We will be adding tons of new Fog Linen Work products to our site in the next week or so. Check back soon!


I really love everything here! I love the simplicity of everything! I do hope I can find anyone who will ship to Norway..

Or maybe I should start planning a trip to Japan, I think I would love it! :)

suann / simplesong

Shoshana – good question! I use it for a couple of different things .. because its not the strongest of tapes but I love the pretty colors + patterns I use it for gift wrapping, sealing an envelope, taping down photos in my inspiration notebook, etc. I even use it for our son since it can be removed easily + its great for crafting — or even making “roads” for his little cars. Hope that helps!


Love this post Suann. All these choices are elegant and quirky, a wonderful combination.

Melissa Jade

I loooove japanese design! I’ve been looking for that hamper for months!!! My husband is going nuts without any hamper but i refuse to buy something i don’t love when THAT one exists!!


Does Billet sell to the US? Do they have retail outlets anywhere other than Japan, maybe Hong Kong? I LOVE everything on their website. Gorgeous, I want to move in and stay awhile in any place that they create.


LOVE these simple pieces of beauty and inspiration. Does anyone know if there is a San Francisco spot for purchasing some of the interesting craft/paper supplies listed above? perhaps in Japantown?


I live in Japan, and every day, the design blows my mind. And the craft books…ooh la la.