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behind the bar: chelsea + tec petaja’s “magic juice”

by Grace Bonney

While we are hard at work on some major projects and enhancements at HORNE, Alissa and I are loving this creative couple kick our column seems to be on. This week’s creative couple hails from Tennessee, had their wedding featured on the cover of the premiere Issue of Southern Weddings Magazine and while one is an amazingly talented professional photographer, the other is an equally talented artist & educator. Can’t figure it out? We are honored to be featuring the preferred beverage of Tec and Chelsea Petaja. Tec Petaja is not only a widely published wedding photographer but also has a keen eye and passion for commercial photography. When not shaping young minds, Chelsea Petaja creates beautiful headbands and accessories to adorn brides (and occasionally grooms) on the most important day of their lives. (see the sneak peek into their home here!) And as if that weren’t enough creative juices in the mix (pun very much intended), they are featuring a drink created by their wardrobe stylist friend, Talitha. We hope you all enjoy! {Ryan + Alissa}

CLICK HERE for the full drink recipe (and more lovely images) after the jump!

“Magic Juice is just as tasty as the name is ridiculous. Our dear friend and local stylist, href=”http://talithasha.blogspot.com/”>Talitha Moakconcocted a version of this drink and she makes it to perfection. It reminds us of lazy summer days, and considering Nashville is under 8 inches of unheard of snow, we needed a summery drink to pick us out of our winter-funk. So cheers to sunbathing, green grass and 80 degree weather!”

Ingredients (makes two drinks):
6 hulled strawberries
1 peeled orange
5-7 mint leaves
1/4 peeled cucumber
4-6 oz gin, depending on taste
8 oz fresh lemonade

Dice, then muddle fruits and mint
Pour gin into fruit mixture and let sit for 10-15 minutes
Strain over lemonade and ice
Garnish with fruit slice or mint leaf

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