going places: modern world map + prints

by Grace Bonney

i’ve always had a soft spot for maps- especially those that are slightly decorative. so when i heard from designers jen and omar of these are things in columbus, ohio, i was excited to see they’d designed a lovely modern world map. their map is silkscreened by hand in four colors and measures 20×30 inches. each map is available for $60 right here and, if all goes well, jen and omar are planning to expand into new colorways and designs (us map, world cities, etc) in the coming months. thanks, jen and omar!

if you’re up for a little more world traveling, jen hill’s new “a toast to” collection also celebrates cities and countries around the world. each print in her latest collection is a series of riddles about different places, inspired by vintage flashcards. there is a print for each state and country that has been covered in jen’s “places i have never been” series and each print includes a year, map filled with pattern, country name, coordinates, a riddle and 3 key words to help you solve the riddle. check out the full “a toast to” collection right here and pick up prints for $20-$34. thanks, jen!

*need a valentine’s gift? jen is doing personalized versions of these prints for vday, so you can commemorate a special place (with your own riddle!) in your loved one’s life. (prices range from $49-$90)

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  • This morning’s productivity went right out the window as soon as I saw this post! I’ve already spent way too much time browsing Jen’s site, but I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. Her prints have completely made my day- thank you so much for sharing these incredible finds!

    • rachel

      i actually tried to build one a while ago but couldn’t find enough that i felt were pretty enough (ie: beyond the obvious functional maps you can buy at map stores and target, etc.) that were affordable. most of the designy ones are pretty pricey. but i’m always on the lookout, so if i can find at least 10 of them i’ll definitely share them in roundup form :)


  • Wow, these are really cute! I’ve always had a soft spot for maps and these are gorgeous. I love the modern clean feel of the state maps at the bottom.

  • Lovely idea and fantastic design execution. They went like hot cakes! I’m disappointed I didn’t get my hands on one.


    Does that lovely map have UNITED KINGDOM covering Ireland? tsk tsk tsk. The Irish will NOT be pleased.

  • I’m really sad to see that the world map is sold out. It would’ve been a nice wedding present for a friend of mine who’s expressed an interest in map collection. And it’s in the same color family that they like! Boo.

  • um, wow, we weren’t expecting to sell out so soon! we’re going to print a second, open edition which will be listed for presale on our site shortly. we’re so glad you guys like it!

    and you wouldn’t believe how many emails we’ve gotten from people asking why (insert country here) isn’t listed! we had to make a TON of omissions to keep the minimal look we wanted. close to 200 countries in a 20×30 space = not good!

    so, many apologies to those who live in countries that aren’t labeled. we promise it’s nothing personal! and, if we have our way, we’ll be releasing some new maps that will allow us to be a bit more detailed and inclusive. :)

    thanks again, everyone! j + o

  • I’m completely in love with the A Toast To collection. Its so lovely and affordable! I’ll have to buy a few prints for my house.

  • hm. the map is beautiful but I think it’s terribly tacky to selectively label countries. pretty but lame

  • Perfect timing! After reading this post, I just ordered two custom “A Toast To” cards for my anniversary: 1 representing the country where we met (Iceland–on a plane) and another representing the country we lived abroad in for two years (Panama). Can’t wait to see them!

  • I like the maps, but those antique looking frames the Italy and Greece maps are in are am-aaaz-ing! Are they available anywhere ? Many thanks.

  • The map is very pretty but I’d never buy it because so many country names are missing. I have many international friends and I wouldn’t feel comfortable displaying a map that omitted the names of their countries, and not just because it isn’t up-to-date.

    I understand that it was a design choice, but I still feel like it’s a bit insulting.

  • Jen and Omar make wonderful designs! They are so talented and we’re lucky to have them here in Columbus. I work at the letterpress printer that prints their maps and we are working on their newest map which is awesome!

  • I am looking for a modern looking world map like the one above. But I want it to include all of the different countries so that I can place push pins on the different countries my husband and I have visited. It’s for our one year wedding anniversary. Have you come across any maps like that?