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fredericksburg, texas guide

by Grace Bonney

images via fredericksburg, texas homepage

today i thought i’d sneak in a short and sweet city guide to a town of fredericksburg, texas. lara bobo of enid lifestyle in fredericksburg sent in this guide to her hometown and i really enjoyed getting a little virtual day-trip through this cute texas town. whether you’re looking for shopping, children’s wear, a delicious snack or some great antiques, lara has got you covered. so the next time you’re in austin or san antonio, consider a road trip over to fredericksburg to check out all these great places. thanks, lara!

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Fredericksburg, Texas Guide


  • Berkman Books: a bookshop with several rooms full of antiquarian, new, used, and children’s books. They also have a large selection of antique maps and old prints.
  • Beulah’s: a high-end children’s boutique with a welcoming atmosphere and great selection of baby, toddler, preteen, and maternity wear.
  • Chocolat: handmade chocolate truffles and more.
  • Der Kuchen Laden (The Kitchen Shop): an impressive selection of name brand kitchen supplies, cookbooks, pottery, and more located in a historic rock building.
  • Dogologie: a doggy boutique where you will find handmade dog treats, toys, dog care, and more.
  • Dooleys: stepping into this five and dime general store is a blast from the past. They carry fun items you thought were no longer being made. It’s a fun place for the kids.
  • Enid: a fresh lifestyle boutique that sells handmade and vintage goods. Enid always has a large selection of hand printed art prints and handmade soaps. The owner (Lara!) is a designer and sells many of her own pieces as well.
  • Antique Mall of Fredericksburg: the best spot in town for vintage and antique finds.
  • Haberdashery: a woman’s clothing and accessory boutique with a vintage bohemian flair. Great shoes!
  • Homestead: three stories of antique furniture mostly from Europe.
  • House Wine: a hip wine bar and home furnishings spot.
  • Jeep Collins: a jewelry shop full of hand crafted designs by local designers, Jeep Collins and his daughter, Lara Collins.
  • Red: a perfectly curated shop filled with vintage and modern home furnishings. Red carries lines such as Plover Organic Linens and stocks Eames reproduction pieces. Red is a great place to find one of a kind decor and gifts.
  • Root: a hip women’s clothing and accessory boutique with an amazing atmosphere. Root carries lines such as St. Grace, Ella Moss, French Connection, Michael Stars, and Tom Shoes. Upstairs is The Roadrunner Inn that houses three Bed and Breakfasts with unique decor.
  • Something Different II: a huge shop full of unusual and unique furnishings from around the world. Something Different II is a great place to find fine upholstered furniture.
  • Sprout: located in a historic rock home, Sprout carries hard to find blooms sold by the stem. You’ll also find a great collection of local artwork, vintage vases, and handmade gifts. Upstairs from the shop is The Flower Bed, a fabulous cozy Bed and Breakfast.
  • Spunky Monkey: a toy shop full of specialty toys, children’s books, candy, and some grown up things.


  • Alamo Springs Cafe: an out of the way laid back restaurant known for its gourmet hamburgers. The atmosphere is unrefined, yet charming.
  • August E’s: an upscale restaurant that offers a sushi menu and a full bar.
  • Bejas: a moderately priced restaurant with delicious southwestern style food. Bejas offers indoor and outdoor temperature controlled seating and a full bar.
  • Mahaley’s: best breakfast taco in town.
  • Hondos: a gourmet blend of southern and tex mex cooking. Hondos makes a delicious margarita and most nights offers live music.
  • Rather Sweet Bakery and Rather Sweet Too: the spot in town for breakfast pastries and desserts. They also have a wonderful lunch full of local produce. Rather Sweet Too is the place to get Rather Sweet to go. Great place to grab a latte!
  • The
    : an upscale American restaurant located in a old historic home. The owner and chef, John Wilkinson, has an impressive culinary resume and is known for his fish entrees. They also serve fresh baked rolls while you await your main course.
  • The Peach Tree: offers freshly made breads, salads, soups, quiches, desserts, and more. Its probably your best vegetarian option in town. Lunch only.

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  • If you want the true Texas experience, Fredericksburg is one town that you HAVE to visit. It’s so authentically cute and beautiful…charming is the best word to describe it. Makes me miss Texas while I’m sitting in NJ wishing for warmer days!

  • really enjoy these guides to slightly more “off the radar” towns-love to explore places like this! looks completely charming and like a wonderful place to live.

  • thanks for posting this- I lived in Austin for 20 years and went to Fredericksburg all the time. We would go climb enchanted rock then head into town for shopping and to eat- this is fantastic town….

  • I’m headed to Fredericksburg on Friday. It is a lovely town to get-away to for the day. Wine tastings, antique stores galore, boutique lovelies, and good grub. I always love a day out there!

  • Fredericksburg is a lovely little town perfect for a bed and breakfast type weekend. So many unique places and shops. A restaurant that was left out in this column but that is absolutely fantastic, I mean, out of this world, is The Herb Farm. Also try the brewery for great homemade brewed beer. You wont regret going to Fredericksburg!

  • Fredericksburg is great! There is also an antique/junk show every third weekend (called Trade Days). The Roadrunner Inn is fabulous…stayed there in October and can’t wait to go back. It is like a dream apartment! And Rather Sweet bakery has the best pastries I’ve ever had.

  • I live in San Antonio and we head to Fredericksburg as much as possible. It’s the best day trip – mainly because of the German food – which I didn’t see listed as a destination here but highly recommend! Although, artnek, I don’t know if one could make it a whole week there… maybe one day eating and shopping, and one day wine tasting, for a 2 day trip max!

  • Fredericksburg has become a popular destination wedding spot. It’s a great place for wedding guest to enjoy the sites before and after the event. If this sparks your interest be sure to talk to Michelle at Sprout, she does fabulous wedding flowers!

  • Awesome! I’m a Seattle transplant living about 3 hours away (Killeen). Texas has grown on me quite a bit and Fredericksburg has been on my list of places to experience for awhile now. Thanks for the guide!

  • You simply must visit in the spring when fields of blue bonnets blowing in the wind look like the most wonderful seas of the south pacific. I LOVE the Texas hill country!

  • I’m dying to visit Texas, and this town will surely be on my list. For now though, I’m going to browse through the Enid site. Thanks Grace & Lara!

  • My very fav get away. THE best b&b. Enid is the cutest shop, Lara is adorable. The Herb Farm is also a great place to eat. I have to say my experience with Rather Sweet left a bad taste, I am handicapped and they were not able to work with me, sadly. The German food is also wonderful. Fredericksburg is a wonderful getaway.

  • Yay for Fredericksburg! It’s scenic and quite the neat little town in the middle of the Hill Country. I’m from San Antonio, and my grandparents live in Comfort, which is not far, and I remember taking many trips with them to Fred when I was younger.

    I’d have to say that Red is one of my favorite, favorite stores. I also agree with Carrie’s comment about traveling up there in the spring, when the bluebonnets are blooming (but don’t pick them! They’re the state flower of Texas, and picking them is illegal!)

  • I haven’t been to Fredericksburg in a couple of years, but I always love it. It’s also fun to hike Enchanted Rock and visit Luckenbach (sans Willie and Waylon and the boys), which are both just up the road.

  • We stop in Fredericksburg several times a month on our way back from Enchanted Rock. There is a great little fabric store called Things in a Room. I was jumping around like a schoolgirl in there. They had oil and chalk cloth and a really nice fabric selection. It was the cutest!

  • I adore Fredericksburg. There is a lot to do: Enchanted Rock is nearby for hiking and rock climbing, the Nimitz Museum is there; there are wineries and cute shops and the brewery. One of my favourite restaurants is Kelly’s Cafe. It’s a bit further down Main Street than most of the attractions, but the food is so good. And I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their desserts. Buttermilk pie, fresh fruit sorbet, creme brulee…it’s all amazing.

  • I’m a Canadian who visited Fredricksburg a couple of years ago. I absolutely loved it – it deserves your attention. I bought some seeds from Wild Seed Farms and every spring since then I am reminded of my wonderful trip as I plant my garden.
    Also, the wine tours/tastings were wonderful as well. It’s truly a ‘must see’

  • I love Fredericksburg! Best place to eat – Bejas! The owner’s are two of the coolest around and make you feel right at home. Yumm!!

  • I’m a Fredericksburg native, and our little town is the perfect weekend getaway! And this year should be a great one for bluebonnets. Lara did a wonderful job in this post highlighting some of my very favorite shops and restaurants (I agree with Hayley- Bejas is the best!)

  • Last time I was in Fredericksburg we mostly visited the surrounding wineries. Next time I’ll have to spend a little more time in town.

  • i’m a texan and i can vouch that fredericksburg is really great! it’s a small town with a lot of history and there are some great wineries around. check out becker vinyards http://www.beckervineyards.com/ it’s in stonewall but just a short drive from fredericksburg!

  • Did I miss part of the guide? Where was the mention of Wildseed Farms? Pasta Bella Restaurant? Gold Rush (handmade jewelry)? Those are three of my must visit sites in Fredericksburg. And let’s not forget Rose Hill Manor for an overnight stay and a truly gourmet meal.

  • Fredericksburg’s hospitality reaches out and draws you in. . .living here is a joy. In addition to Lara’s recommendations, many festivals throughout the year add to the mix.

  • I forgot to mention- if you are in Fredericksburg on a Sunday, you must go to the Peach Tree for their Hill Country Eggs Benedict and pomegranate limeade!!!

  • I’m going to have to second Becker vineyards — such delicious chardonnay! (and i’m a red wine gal)

    i just visited there with HB between christmas and new year’s, and had such a blast. I recommend Enchanted {something} for bed and breakfast reservations. Also: Wheeler’s for a GREAT reuben sandwich, and hands-down the best onion-rings i’ve ever tasted.

    just sayin’. :) awesome review guide!

    Not sure if you have one for Houston (will check after posting this) but I’m up for writing one if you’re ever so inclined!

  • i literally went to fredericksburg this weekend for a getaway with the man. and yes. its charming, the ride there is beautiful, and its nestled in the hills. there is also a place called rustlin’ robs on main street that is pretty cool! and the lone star candy bar has the best praline fudge in the entire world. i would know. really :)

  • My parents live in Fredericksburg, and I’ll put in a good word for the Rathskeller and the Brewery for lunch/dinner. Stop and say hi to my dad if you’re the churchgoing type and happen to be there on Sunday. He’s the pastor at FBC.

  • Along with the shopping and eating there is also he Nimitz Musem which covers WWII in the Pacific. A wonderful place to visit and show respect to the men and women of that war. Alos the newest and biggest antique mall in town is Red Baron’s Antique mall on the west end of Main Street. Over 40 dealers, worth the effort to drive down Main.

  • I forgot to include Hill Country Outfitters, a great shop for men and women’s clothing, with an excellent shoe selection! :D

  • just posted about my bday weekend there: livewide.blogspot.comhttp://livewide.blogspot.com/2010/03/fburg.html

    it was gorgeous and tons of fun!

  • We live in Austin but we love to travel to Fredericksburg every couple months. Peach Tree Tea Room has a delicious meatloaf sandwich that we literally drive to Fredericksburg to eat. They also have amazing German food. I love the shop Red and Homestead is absolutely fantastic too. It’s great to see a great little town like Fredericksburg on here!

  • Take a wine tour with Texas Wine Tours, one of the most fun things to do in Fredericksburg!