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ahhh anna’s granola gifts! with or without the honey, she thinks up new packaging each year. yummy for a new neighbor as a housewarming gift, and so easy to throw together: the trick is using old ball jars or any recycled glass jars you have lying around, and a heavy canvas or muslin to iron on images, notes or even recipes.

potted planting gift

we’ve been giving these little potted planting gifts for the last year. valentine’s day, hostess gifts; they are perfect for an aspiring cook or someone with a new home. each pot has a ceramic white fruit or veg with matching seeds that we repackaged (one of our easy tricks to make ANYTHING look good) the seeds are in glassine envelopes with the planting directions printed on kraft paper stickers.

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living in chicago during these cold winter months makes you want to hibernate a little bit. make a fire, knit, drink tea. our grandmother is a big tea pusher and has always given us wonderful teas, teapots, antique tea spoons and an appreciation for a good cup of tea. an easy way to put together a lovely gift is to pick a selection of your favorite bulk teas and repackage them in bags or tins with customized labels. you can even add a pretty silver spoon!

pickling gift

a childhood friend of ours lives in la with amy and is a pretty great gift-giver herself, and she’s one of those “has everything” types. she’s a master chef (check out her new blog, apres fete !) and so amy put together this pickling kit for her to give food gifts to others: a book on pickling (jam it, pickle it, cure it by karen solomon) a few jars and some helpful packaging ideas (yarn, stickers and muslin emblazoned with her logo), a pack of recipe cards and voila!

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  • I am bookmarking this page of sure!! What sweet gifts Annie makes. I wish I was moving in next door to her.

  • these are fantastic! such an inpressive skill! I like your tip – repackage anything to make it look good. Brilliant!

  • wonderful ideas! i am bookmarking this. so creative and gorgeous!

    where do you get the ceramic fruits & veggies? they are really cool.

  • Oh, wow. This is the best post ever! So many beautiful packaging ideas. Perfect for my new years resolution of making as many gifts as possible!

  • MissNatalie, the box for the granola is from Jo-Ann Fabrics a few years back. They may not have the exact one, but they usually carry a good variety of plain wood boxes. The pickling gift is packaged in a wine box–many wine shops will actually give these away at no charge (you just have to ask) and some will sell them. Thanks for the kind words!

  • girls! this is almost too much—i love love love your repackaging tips and ideas. please can you come and help me get ready for valentines’s day?

  • I actually had to walk away for a minute, my head was swimming with so many ideas…and then come back for more. I love when that happens!

  • oh my gosh, I think my gift ideas have been taken care of for the next year! SO inspiring, I can’t wait to make my own batch of granola or jam and package it up!

  • I love this! The packaging is really gorgeous and inspiring!

    I would love to know the resource for the glass jars. I have book looking for some like that for a long time.

  • anna, to iron onto muslin or canvas like we did, you first need iron-on paper (we used hp iron-on transfers for inkjet printers). next, using word, quark, indesign, or whatever you prefer, create your text or image. the trick is to remember to FLIP the text! this way it won’t be backwards when you transfer it. print out your design onto the paper, and follow the iron-on directions to transfer to the fabric–usually just a few minutes with a hot iron. it’s so easy and fun!

  • paige, for most of the granola jars, we re-use glass jars from jams, peanut butter, pickles, sauces–any good shape that can be easily cleaned out. a soak in hot water helps to take the labels off (do this before putting in the dishwasher or you will never get them off!)

    the ball jars shown in the pickling gift are canning jars available at http://www.freshpreserving.com. sur la table also has a few options for cool canning jars, and we’ve also seen ball jars at target!

  • would love to know more about getting the gfx on fabric – Paige the jars you can usually get at your local grocery store or the feed store esp in late summer when canning time is in full swing : ) – Annie’s logo is pretty close to my farm and winery logo : ) so of course I love it!! cheers! Clare

  • i want more. what is coming tomorrow? you need to sell this stuff for those of us who are crafty in some ways, but not so much on the computer for making labels and stuff. can’t wait to see what you post next.

  • I love, love, love this! I am so inspired. Who did the logo? Its very crisp and earthy at the same time.

  • Wow! Your post is getting better and better. It makes me think that I need to improve my labels on my yearly strawberry jam.
    Cannot wait for tomorrow!

  • Have been a recipient of your foodcraft items several times and so happy to have had them. Your items make eating or drinking so very special and that in itself makes life beautiful. Thank you….Lorraine

  • If you have a foodie friend who already does their own canning/bagging of goodies, a great gift for them could be a custom pack of stickers, tags, ribbon and recipie cards.

  • This is an awesome post. I can’t wait to use some of these tips for packaging my fudge next Christmas!

  • I have been canning for some time now and have not made my own labels because I never liked the home made sticker labels. This is PERFECT. thank you for being there with your great ideas!

  • Love your site but could you please lose the animated ads at the bottom of your rss – they totally stall my reader!!!!!

    • lee

      sorry about that- we don’t have a lot of control over what ads appear, it’s a google ads thing. they aren’t large files so they shouldn’t stalling anything, but i’ll email them to ask about why that would happen.


  • You are so super talented! Love it! Where can I purchase the round tin cans that you have pictured with the spoon?

  • Where can I get labels like Annie’s? I have a funny feeling they’re commercially printed, yes?

  • I LOVE YOUR IDEAS. Where did you get the images for the utensils. Can you share how did you glue the fabric on the jars? THANKS A BUNCH

  • Hello Ana!! I loved your ideas!! Can you please tell me how you print the logo in the linen napkins? It is such a wonderful idea!