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diy project: sweet nothings mini megaphone

by Grace Bonney

[today i’m thrilled to welcome a new diy contributor to the d*s team: halligan norris! you may remember halligan’s house tour or adorable circus-themed wedding from last year. she’s brimming with talent & creativity and i’m thrilled to have her as part of our little family. welcome, halligan!]

Flirty words are always better when you know you are being heard! To be sure your sweetheart hears your quiet words of love this Valentines Day, make a mini megaphone just for whispering sweet nothings. Simply print out your template, cut out the mini mega phone shape, glue along the dotted flap, bend out your finger handle, and find a friend or a lover to say something sweet to.

CLICK HERE for the downloadable megaphone template and how-to steps after the jump!

Sweet Nothings Mini Megaphone

Cost: $1.00 or less!

TIme: 10 minutes including drying


1. Download the template and print on card stock or regular paper (*the template is a large file so give it a moment or two to start downloading*)

2. Cut out mini megaphone outline

3. Curl paper to form cone shape

4. Put bead of glue along edge behind dotted line

5. Glue opposite edge along dotted line and let dry (clothes pins may be useful to hold in place)

6. Find someone to whisper something nice to

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