diy project: no. 1 ladies detective agency silhouette

i’m a HUGE no. 1 ladies detective agency fan. when that show came on, something about it tugged at my heartstrings and i was instantly smitten. something about precious’ character and the incredible landscape makes me tune in again and again. so i was thrilled to hear from christine chitnis about this fun no. 1 ladies-inspired silhouette project. christine posted about the project right here, but i’ve summarized the project steps below as well. thanks so much to christine for sharing!

CLICK HERE for the how-to after the jump!


-Embroidery Hoop
-Fabric selection in color palette of your choice (Christine used blues)
-Glue/Needle & Thread


1. Trace image of your choice (like Christine’s Precious outline) by printing it out on your computer.

2. Once you have your outline, cut your fabric strips to size so that you can lay them on top of each other.

3. Choose a fabric to use as the base on the embroidery hoop and secure it in place.

4. Using either fabric glue or a thread and needled, attach your layers of fabric on the frame to create the silhouette.



Ok we’re two for two today! First pears now No 1 Ladies. I just started watching this series last week on dvd. Loved it! Great post. Thanks!


So charming! I adore the No.1 Ladies’ books and miniseries. They make me wish I lived in Gaborone and had Mma Ramotswe as a friend!


I know this might seem silly, but is there any way to get a template of the image of Precious she used? Or maybe just tell me what episode she used (and I’ll trace it for myself). I love this idea and the results are great.


I wouldn’t half mind having Mma Ramotswe on my home office wall. On a bad day, she can inspire you, and on a good day she can make you smile.


Neat project! I love the way they’ve translated the books into TV. Lots of color and inspiration. I particularly love Grace Makutsi’s oufits.

Marilyn Wisniewski

I am a true fan of the #1 Ladies. Have read books 2 times. I would love one of the silhouettes, but have no time to make it. Would they be on sale????? Love to pay for one!!!! please


The combo of blue, black and yellow is awesome – I love this project, but it’s also inspired me to try this palette in my sewing. Just need to find some black fabric now – maybe one of hub’s old shirts :o) Jen x